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2019 - 9 - 6    Summary added at bottom of document
2019 - 9 - 17  Reference Section added at bottom, explaining the methods of calculation used here.


I recommend one read the entire document before attempting this experiment.

When you raise a powering field from the Background Field [Source Field ] it is not to be taken lightly.

Opening that door, while using an access system of nature, and not having ability to shut it back down is the most scary thing you can imagine.
I share this document as possibly my last one, for a time, and I caution you, if you set this field up, be ready to take it down.
It is more important to be able to shut it back off , then it is to start it working.
It should however convince you of the concepts we have discovered as to how nature powers all atoms, and the fact that when we quantify this with correct data, we can emulate nature at larger scales.
The discovery process took almost 3 weeks of intense effort to gain control of it. The solution should be able to avoid loss of control and is thus offered here.

Cone Diagram

As I am short on time I am going to first post the record of the process we went through as recorded on the group site.
If I have time I will come back and try to extract only what is necessary to show the method of calculation and the simple procedures that were used.
I want you the experimenter to know all the problems we faced at accomplishing this, going in, and have the take down methods ready to instantly shut it back off.
As well the fact that the field also began interacting with the power grid and the earth grid, locking it in place and making it impossible to move.
However because it acted in this unexpected way, allowed me to study it long enough to cipher a comprehension of a take down method that works instantly.

There is a summary at the end of this record. Do not attempt this, without first knowing what can happen.
It is also recommended one is familiar with caliper technique and can sense directly what they are doing.
Mass Vibration Science

Experimental Record

Aug 16 2019

New NVR calculations

Do not set this up, still working on how to take it down.

Using the NMR calculator, and adding a correct geometric expansion of the frequencies using both area and volumetric methods we arrive at some stronger NVR fields using Gold as an example.

Here is the correct calculator:

The calculator wants inputs around xxx MHz values to give accurate readouts.
This corresponds to cm lengths for caliper settings.

We have been using 333 MHz which is 1000 times larger then 333 Khz to draw power from the background field resonance. And 1000 is not a geometric expansion form but a base 10 expansion form.
Thus our results have 10x factors and are not true geometric expanded results.
While this has been useful for proving we can tap into these energy systems, and also for measurement and identification of elements in a sample, we will now correct that function and see if we can increase the power of the forms.

Area Expansion Calculations

First I started with area calculations and increasing 333000 by 4x steps and stopped at 5 times or [4^5 x 333000 = 340.992 MHz ]

We now calibrate our calculator with this number for 1H atom, and the result for gold is 5.896 MHz = 58.96 mm on a caliper.
We then set the caliper and hang a gold ring over one edge, and a field comes up, and it does feel stronger then our previous 57.58 mm which is skewed with 10x multipliers.

Volume Expansion Calculations

Next we calculate the 8x octaves of a volumetric expansion:

8^3  x 333000 = 170.496 MHz for 1H

Plugging this into the calculator for 1H, Gold comes out at 2.948 MHz = 29.48 mm

8^4 x 333000 = 1363.968 MHz for 1H, Gold comes out at 23.583 MHz = 235.83 mm

Realizing the larger one will be stronger if we have a caliper for 300 mm at about 12 inches.
I set the calipers to 235.83 mm and hung the gold ring off the end so it is around the measuring prong.
A very strong field comes up and I begin to palm it using a finger tip, to discovered it is a full fledged dual cone form!

Wide ends at each surface of the caliper edges, and at the center it crosses down to almost nothing with a nodal point where the two cones touch at the center of the calipers.

Note the SS caliper did not vibrate this form up until the Gold was introduced into it.
The gold ring is removed and the calipers maintain this dual cone field.

A magnet is used to disrupt the field, but it does not take the field down.
I start to close the calipers and the field comes down. [ so I thought at the time ]

However the field seems to be stuck now on my gold ring.
I wear the ring but in a few minutes I realize my hand is going numb from the intensity of the field.

1/9 = 26.20 mm   release, and also magnet seems to release it on the gold ring. [so I thought ]

Run the magnet around my gold tooth implants to be sure, they have not picked up the field too.


Dave L

Aug 16

This new method of calculating the NVR frequency based on geometric expansion of the background field by 8x octaves produced a full dual cone system in the air between the caliper edges!
An amazing discovery,

While it took the presence of Gold to establish this field, when it was removed the field maintained or self sustained on the calipers!
Intensity on the ring was too strong to wear, and caused the hand to start going numb. A magnet did drop the field on the ring but not on the calipers.
I had to close the calipers to drop the field on them.

This is also a proof we can access the background field on higher frequencies then 333000, using geometric expansion of this field, and then calculate how to extract it from any element using the NMR calculator.

During this experiment I failed to measure the distance of the cones ends, to calculate the angle of the cone, to verify if it was what we expect to see, a 33 degree angle.

[Note at this point I had not actually taken the field down, or released it from the gold ring, and the cone angles come out to 3 concentric cones with 30 deg being the widest.]

Gold NVR

Take down was later discovered to be 1/3 the height or frequency of the caliper setting that created it. [I put that here up front for the experimenter bold enough to try this. 235.83 / 3 = take down ]
Dave L

Aug 16 2019

Problems Noted

OK this field has proved problematic to release, It attached itself to a screw in the desk, but with the 26.20 and a lot of work with the magnet I believe it may now be released.
I need to investigate the concept of spin or motion of this field, if it is a stationary form it can be a real problem to get it to move from the location where it was created.

Dave L

Aug 17

Well, I finally make something that looks like a Walter Russell drawing.
It cannot be taken down with a magnet, or a 1/9 fractal ratio.

It multiplied itself, along the N/S grid line on at least two of the grid lines.
I do not know how far the field extends out to the North or South.

While calculating it's measurements and confirming them with calipers to the system off my left side about chest height in the air, I am in awe.
Drawing it's energy from a 1.363968 GHz Source field fractal that is cubical.

Setting here pondering how to take this thing down, I wonder if Walter Russell had some way to accomplish it.
He obviously had gotten this far to make one, as that would be the only direct way to scan it's form accurately as I just have.

Several discoveries now obvious, the angle of the natural cones is basically the same as the earth grid wheel of 24, but it stops dead at 30 degrees where the last one forms two 60 degree angles against the opened end.
Whatever I tapped into at the very tiny tip where these cones meet in the center, must be pumping out a lot of energy.
I have no real concept yet for how it is powering itself. I hope that will come next.

A cone that has straight yet expanding sides, ending in a set of concentric circles, and forming right in the air naturally, really blows my mathematical mind at this point.

Dave L

Aug 18

I keep working on the monster, and it keeps changing.

Shut down wireless router, frequency is close. No effect,

9^4   take down method,
9 * 9 * 9 * 9 = 6561
6561 /  235.83 = 27.82 mm

27.82 mm  has an effect?

Power Grid connection  611.5 mm
Measured standing wave fractal.

611.5 -  600 mm  =  11.5
11.5 / 9 =  1.2777777...

1.28 mm  disconnect from the power grid.
611.5 dropped

Cone take down 
235.83 / 9 =  26.20 mm    Hold around center node parallel to cones where the tips meet   


Shrink field by 8x octaves [Vibration moves towards the smaller fractal]
235.83 / 8 = 29.47575 mm
/ 8 = 3.6848 ...
3.68 mm = khz
/8 = 460.605 hz /9 = 51.18 hz   F gen take down

I used a scalar coil at 51.18 hz, channeled it through me, and scanned down the form pushing it down into the earth,, as a clearing process.

Will wait and see if the area stays clear this time.

The key to heat production is in this form, sadly I picked a dimensions I seem to have lost control of.

At one point, the form was producing warmth in the air.
Using a source from the background field that is in the microwave range, stands to reason it could produce heat.

I was throwing take down stuff at it so fast I went right by that manipulation without recording it.

Fracturing each length to .111111111111 inwards.
Everything effected the field but did not remove it.

I even summed all the lengths then divided by 9, and the result quieted it when it was present but it came right back when it was not present.

Dave L

Aug 18

The boys topside finally responded, showed me to set up a 45 degree angle through the center node of the form.
I did this using my palms as they showed, will see if the energy changes now.
[The energy did not clear, it merely became more even all the way around the nodal points and less hard to work through]
Dave L



Here I am noting again the standard 1/9 x take down, does not work on this form. The 45 degree addition makes it much more tolerable to work around.

Aug 18


 A Review

1 - I plugged in a very high frequency volume calculation of the background field expanded geometrically, into the NMR calculator around 1.3 GHz, I extracted the resulting frequency of Gold in the MHz range equating geometrically to a CM length.

2- I set the calipers to this distance 235.83 mm [23.583 cm MHz] nothing happened.

3- I slid my Gold ring over one caliper prong, and a full dual cone system came up inside the caliper gap, tips of the cones meeting at the center of the calipers and full circular dense opened ends on the caliper edges.

4- I moved the caliper to the left side of me and failed to notice the system attached itself to the power grid vibration system. I determined the cones were 30 degrees at the apex, and there was another one inside this at 15 degrees with a dense dot at the center of the rings.

5- I removed the Gold ring, used a magnet to clear it, shut the calipers and they cleared, I assumed the field was down. All was going as expected, except I had not realized that the power grid could continue to sustain this field in the air all around and through me.

6- The field started to effect me, so I scanned the air and discovered to my left was a 4 cone system setting on a node about chest height as I sat at the desk, 
The 4 cones met at the tips at the one point, but the attachment to the EM power grid was on one of the surfaces of the wide end towards the power lines outside.
This field was powering itself from the power grid vibration frequency, from one of the wide ends, and I could not take it down with the normal means, magnet, 1/9x lengths, nothing worked.

7- I measured the power grid attachments at 600 mm where multiple cones had formed on a N/S line through the garage at 90 degrees to the power grid outside, or 60 cm were the cones were attaching to it along a line perpendicular to the power lines outside over the sidewalk. I calculated the difference between the power grid and the Gold Length and divided this by 9 in an attempt to disconnect the two systems., It went quiet until I removed the caliper then it came right back up.

9 - I tried many other techniques to shrink or disburse the field, and while many things effected the power by shifting it around, nothing would drop the initial conical form setting there.
I may have to wait for the next power outage for it to drop.

10 - This forced me to address the higher levels, and begin to ask for assistance.
That night or morning, as I slept, 1/2 in the body still and 1/2 out, I was visited by a saucer being I had worked with before on the RM1 units.
In the vision he sent, his long thin hands reaching across the vibrating form at a 45 degree angle and slowly closing at shorter distance then the corners of the square would reach out to.
There is no language in this, only showing me what to do, visually.

11- I tried that technique just a bit ago after going for a drive to get out of the field for a time. I came back and immediately did it. I hit on a resonance that seemed to flare up with a purity feeling, and it took the edge off the field totally.
Something was canceling, and I believe when the 45 degree cones come up at some smaller size it creates a 90 degree phase all the way around the EM circle and starts to cancel them out so the EM energy form cannot regenerate.
The 45 degree cones all touch one another all the way around the wheel of 24. So I drew the next drawing. Attached. [Above Post] 

If the field is still present at least now it is tolerable and smooth, no more harsh electrical type of SHF locations poking me as I move around through it.
Last night trying to watch a movie I would move my head and get a distracting spin field inside that would cause me to tense up and resist it. Not happening now.
I got one that hit me in the wrist also, very intense on the outer bone that sticks out, had to shake it out for a few minutes.

The other possibility in the back of my mind is that I just may have created a magnetic field, and the power of the electric field just dumped into it.
Scans with a compass have not shown that effect, but if it is an AC type of field it might not.
EMI meter shows nothing. No GHz or MHz EM level where the field effect is centered.

I think it may still be there, just now far less notable, and may be stuck there until the next power outage.

Dave L

Aug 18

First rule of powering fields, make sure you can put them up and take them down, first order of business.
Since after I closed the calipers, there was no more physical apparatus to test electric fields between elements, or magnetic fields down the calipers. No EM measured.

I shut down the power mains to the house, and the area went dead and quiet, I thought this was the solution but turning it back up, I may be feeling things still.
Could be residuals inside me???

Time will tell, as I do not want to scan for it anymore, as that may add energy to the form and cause it to come back up???
I need to get the fields out of my body and short term memory [mind]. Remove focus from the field.

If  it is not gone I will again shut down the mains, and then try a take down of the 1/9 field and see if that will works.
It is definitely connecting into the power grid system, so even if it worked to produce power, we could not know if the power grid was providing it.

What I believe is that with a cone, it crosses many possible frequencies. Almost anything operating as ac can then tap into one of its circular levels,
This is a best guess, calculations can be done to determine if we could set one up so the power grid would not connect with it.

20 cm  60 cm   120 cm , it could hit any one of these in linear length, and I have no idea the circular diameter but I believe it was within about an inch of our calculations, and just outside the cones as designed. 

Dave L

Aug 18

Ok I found another problem.

I have an  AC backup power unit on the desk here for when there is a power outage.
It was maintaining  one of the grid lines.

I shut it down along with all the computer stuff, and that grid line went quiet. Sheesh.

The field attached itself to any local AC devices nearby, but power down of the devices seems to have quieted it now.

I still have a little tingle in my right ankle that seems stuck working on releasing that with a strong flow of chi.

Aug 19

It came to me what happened,

When I stuck the Gold ring in the field, of the correct dimension in the calipers the tip of the cone attached itself to something about the dimension of a proton.
That is where the energy is coming from to sustain this form. Only the gold ring could have offered that at that small dimension.

The nature of the geometry of this form is astounding, like a projector with exactly 30 degree expansion of size and rings of resonance forming along it.
Energy is coupled between two different frequencies when they are aligned in this way, and multiple frequencies can then all couple into the one Source, attaching themselves at specific distance out from the center.

We have done this with rocks and such, and with two different resonant wires. If aligned such that their nodes on the ends align as a 30 degree angle, while the wires are parallel, the two energies couple and begin to vibrate as one.
I was playing with these angles in this document, after realizing how they can attach to one another.


This means to take this field down I will have to access the proton at the tip, and somehow divert it's field flow angles.
Decoupling the Source of the power, is the only way I see to take this field down.

This is definitely a 4th density technology.

It just happens I have already recorded the frequency of the proton fractal system, but was a bit hesitant to play with it.
Decoupling the Proton field, would amount to disintegration of matter if it is not well contained.

I do not know for sure what will happen, when I try to modify the natural field of the Proton at one point in space.

At this point I am wishing I never delved into this so deeply, to become responsible for a field I have no control over at present.
Living in it with the new 45 degree angles is not so disturbing, but as I move around through the layers, it becomes obvious they are still present.

I did a circle check of the directions I can feel now over the earth, and I used to get a wheel of 24 directions that flared up.
Now I get a wheel of 48 directions here, the 7.5 degree angle has appeared to me.

I can not know if this is from the experiment, or if it is me that is changing.
I suspect if I manage to get this field down, the 7.5 degree spokes of the wheel will vanish with it.

Dave L

Aug 19

The saga continues, and they are not making it easy!

Pondering the problem of the conical field that is anchored into the power grid, I decided to experiment with 1/9 take down fields, and discovered it only works for one radial at a time if held at 45 degrees, thus they come right back.
So I figured the only way to shut them all down was using a sphere.

I took the Source field powering this setup, which I had plugged into the NMR calculator to get gold 1363.968 MHz, and calculated the diameter of it as a sphere 217.0822. I then divided by 9 and came up with 24.12 mm as the diameter.
I applied this to the focal point of the system, and boom all the radials went dead. It seemed to disconnect from the power grid. I was expecting the powering field to dissolve back into the background field, but it did not totally vanish.

Containment of the field now was present at a much smaller diameter, with spin present, but it did not go away totally on the node I had modified.
Unfortunately, this node sets right in front of my solar plexus at the desk.

I should have stopped there, but no I wanted a complete take down, so I took the 24.12 and stuck it in the NMR calculator, and pulled out the Gold fractal for a sphere, thinking I could make it go away completely as it was a 1/9 ratio off the original one in spherical form.
4.17 mm  . Applying this to the sphere, it became more active with a Spherical gold vibration right where I set at the desk.

I now have a sphere of Gold vibration, all around me, and it only exists where I set! It has a lot of power.

It is not too disorienting, but you can sure feel the effect when you walk through the garage! LOL!
I was thinking in sphere form I would be able to move it consciously. So far no luck.

Talk about a forced meditation, a very smooth field pressing outwards a little, and can be felt inside my head.
A field like I used to generate in meditations, and hope it would stay with me longer. Sheesh!

It now aligns directly with an Earth node position about the size of a baseball, but I can feel it up to about 3 foot out in all directions where the outer corona is located.

It is now a spherical field bubble with a 6 foot diameter!

The never ending saga of the 4th density experimenter, seeking the knowledge of creation.

Dave L

Aug 19
The Gold vibration kind of makes you want to laugh as you walk through it, thank God that was the one I used first!

People travel to Sedonna Az. to feel this kind of stuff, and it reminds me of walking through Boyntan Canyon trail.
The fields are similar. I wonder if those fields were created by people of past times, who never ciphered how to take them down either.

I sincerely hope this can be resolved, if not I may not be able to continue working here and have to move my desk to the other side of the garage.

Now I will have to map the sphere I just created, I feel like the sorcerers apprentice.

I wanted to create the spherical field bubble around the variac, and now I have created a 3 layered atom, and I have to set inside it!
It's hard not to laugh at myself. Gold vibration has that effect on me.

Golden Sphere

[ What I did not now realize is that another cone had come up at 288 mm and now there were two nodes on the desk in front of me. ]
[While the intensity of the field had dropped to livable levels, all I did was only adding to the field, not taking it down.]

Dave L

Aug 19

I went for a drive to get the energy out of my head, and tune into the higher bands.
I was filled with intense energy, and it was a time before I got up into the higher levels with a lot of help from HS, and began to manage the field on my body by relaxing into it.
I came back very calm, and asked for a length to take the pressure out of the field.

Opened my calipers to 153.06 mm and it dropped a lot.
So I divided 153.06 / 24.12 =  6.34577 this got my attention, as it is just outside the 6x field off the 24.12

So I multiplied 24.12 x 6.333333333 = 152.76 mm
This one really released the tension on the field tremendously. Nice job.
Now I still have this field here but not as dangerous anymore, that I can tell.

Of note the sore muscles in my neck have totally released. I usually have trouble turning my head to the right very far, and it completely freed up.
This thing has been an energy dynamo.

I still need to cipher how to release it.

BTW turning the power to the house off helps reduce the tension of this field. I can hardly feel it by comparison, so there is still a connection to the power grid.

Still needs work to fully release it, but I must work more slowly on this.

Desk Mapping Drawing

Here mapping the form setting on the desk in front of me, that is very stubborn, and anything I do to it, just makes it stronger.
It has tapped into the Earth Node, and into the Power Grid. North is to the right.

Dave L

Aug 20

The 28mm made the frequency jump really high and an outflow, it felt good, but a bit intense.

I figured out I can use the VE fractal to tap into everything and reduce the levels.

VE = 24.805 mm
Radius = 12.4025 mm

This really gave me some control over the situation, using mental energy and intention.

The 12x value is also very powerful  297.66 mm

This value was discovered many years ago as the center point of all matter, the Vector Equilibrium.
It vibrates up everything universally.
Dave L

I just put up a scalar coil on 297.66 khz

The field is loosing all its power, will see what happens.

Dave L 

That is how you can set up an SSF. If you have a Source frequency, you can set up an SSF to either two sums, or a sum and a subtraction. I have used it in the past a lot.


Here is my latest example, we tap into a background fractal that is an area of a circle. Then subtract from it to hit our SS can.
The difference acts as a mediator to couple them together. The can vibrates up with an area field all the way down it, pretty intense but fully contained inside the Background field circle.

The mediator can then be taken back down using the 1/9 protocol in this case.

I should have done similar with this experiment, using a mediator to break the flow.

I discovered you can use a spinning Area field to disrupt a spherical shell.
I started with the 651.144199 cm from the space document. 
This is a cm field so I reduced it geometrically by 4x and came up with 39.74 mm
I had success at taking down layers, but not all of them.

Next I stuck 651.144199 MHz into the NMR calculator, and derived a spinning gold area field = 11.258 cm = 112.58 mm
I divided this down by 4x and came up with 28.145 mm
I used this one to disrupt the Gold layers of the field, and it worked to release the core node that powered the system for the Gold fractal.
The central node seems to be dead now.

There was still a field along the power grid with pressure layers down the N/S line.
20 cm / 9 = 22.22 mm   This worked to release the AC power grid coupling.

I still appear to have 3 larger shells of a very weak level. I do not think anyone will notice but me for now.
They may be powering off the earth node on the desk.

Dave L

Other Resonant Forms Are Sticking To It

I found a cube of 8 nodes locked to the desk, earth node.
A perfect cube with sides of 234.44 mm
The original Volumetric cube was 235.83 mm for gold
235.83  - 234.44 = 1.39 mm
1.39 / 9 = 0.154444
Set caliper to 0.15 mm and the field came down

Now since I had used a caliper to measure the distance between the nodes on the cube I was expecting 235.83 mm and actually caused a new node to form at that distance out from the earth node.
These volumetric cubes are dangerous, they stick to things like Earth nodes.
I used the 39.74 mm and it came right down.

I keep finding lines and nodes .... sheesh.

Do not bring other resonant pipes or tubes into the field, as the conical field can span many frequencies inside it.
They will attach and also self sustain.

Understanding the geometry is very important. To verify them one must be able to feel the nodes around the caliper gap, or the boundaries for circles.

The 333000 frequency and all of it's harmonics are always present, and we do not feel "pressure" from them.
The 37000 is a 1/9 field and it can be used to take down area constructs that source from the 333000 frequency.
These two fields are everywhere, all the time, and they are the background field tension we are used to being inside, so they feel neutral to us.

Now if you do something to the 333000 that causes it to spin like a Frisbee or a disc - an area calculated field - you can feel it spin but the pressure is still neutral inside to outside of the form.
It will not generate inflow per say. Example in the space document  http://www.resonantfractals.org/Joe_Cell/Space.html
The diameter is 651.144199 cm, which is too large to play with, so we can reduce it by 10x or by 4 x octaves and play with it in our caliper gap.
When the field hits the distance between the caliper jaws since it is being strobed, it cannot set still because it is out of sync with the strobe so each time the nodes have to move a little around the circle.
It creates a boundary with the same "area" as the square. The area takes the same amount of time to scan and update as the square so the two come into sync at the 2D level, but not at the 1D level.
The diameter does not match the side length of the square, and this is the length you use to manifest them in space.

This is the method noticed in the document  http://www.resonantfractals.org/Basic_Model/Basic_Model.html
You must calculate the ratio between the Linear force 1D, and then the ratio between the area force is different 2D.
That document did not address the volume field or the 3D force.
The 3D is simulated from the two 2D fields held at 90 degrees to one another and they do lock together.

Now to create pressure zones, we have to have the 2D or 3D fields interacting to produce an inflow field first.
We then showed how to do that using Area fields. The Area inside the circle is the 2D frequency. 
Specific ratios will produce an inflow field, or an outflow field. Now we begin to create pressure zones in the background field as they interact.
These are the ones that do not feel good, and should be buried inside the atom.

The NMR work however is more complex, and I have now had two fields that were extremely hard to take back down. The water document, and now this experiment, and both produced pressure fields towards an infinitely small single point.
The cone form is the hardest one to take back down. To conquer this problem we will have to make a system that is not perfectly in alignment with the natural atoms forms.
Bashar uses a 33 degree cone rather then a 30 degree one, so a natural NVR cannot lock in but will vibrate around it trying to align with it.

The 33 degree base calculation can turn the Isotope alignments if applied to metals like Aluminum.
If you calculate your caliper setting from the cones height, you can turn the Isotope spin all one direction.
Change to the 33 degree base of a cone calculation and the Isotopes spin will turn 90 degrees.
Both these alignments will effect the Inertial resistance of the metal in one plane of motion like a Frisbee.
33 can manipulate the angles but it will not bring up the cone form and lock it forever I suppose.

A saucer can turn 90 degrees in a flash with no inertial responses. 
I don't know if that is how they do it, but in the car it sure feels like it is.
Turn that field and use it to brake, turn it back and take off again without getting smashed backwards into your seat.

You can see right there a wheel being manipulated correctly would self spin, if the two sides could be manipulated separately against the acceleration of gravity.
The up side would turn the Frisbee spin into the plane of the wheel and the down side would turn it 90 degrees so gravity grabbed it harder.
The problem is that with Aluminum the entire wheel would all flip as one coherent field, so you would have to make a bunch of them separated such that they did not couple.
Then some wires pointing at each side to flip the spin plane of each one as it comes around.
This is 2D manipulations of the Isotope spin angle.

You could also set a scalar coil inside a disc, and start switching them back and forth at different frequencies to see if the disc could be made to move or at least vibrate.
The frequency can be set to establish any angle of tilt on the Isotope chains with respect to the scalar coils location, using trigonometry.
As long as you stay with the 2D fields, it would be pretty safe to work with.
A correct gyration of the Isotope chains would become a motor, because that is where the mass is located. Anything you can do with gyros, would work but much faster as the Isotope dimensions are so tiny.
They can shoot aluminum discs, using electrical pulses also, so we know the energy is there.
You could align them first with an electrical field and then tilt them using a scalar coil field and you may get the same acceleration from the Aluminum.

Anyway, it's all about the geometry,


And knowing what you are attaching your field to.
And what not to do! LOL!

Dave L

J  suggested doing a sum and a subtraction off the same fractal source, but you will end up with two layers present, on opposite sides of the Source, and they will not overlap in space so cannot cancel out.

I am in pretty good shape this morning.
After a lot of work to take down the field so the pressure was released, I worked to release what was a dispersed system of little tiny marble sized balls of energy stuck in the field at various locations all around where I set.
Their are probably a few more around that I missed, but it is that intense pressure in the head of a strong inflow field, with the power that needs to be controlled.

I will never plug a cube form into the NVR calculator again! Dangerous results, and almost impossible to release the tension from.
All atoms frequencies must come from the 1H in spherical or area spin forms, as nature also does it. Hydrogen never appears as a cube, now I know why.

 I found another smaller cube setting where the mouse usually goes to the right of the keyboard.
It is formed from a set of perfect lines in the air. Reaching inside this cube the density is only slightly higher and only I would likely notice it.

It really is a nice little cube, so pure, and yet it is ever present and locked into the grid not movable as a form.
I will have to measure it carefully so as to not create another one with the calipers if I move them around.

I can then calculate a take down of the field.
Will this ever end?
I may be cleaning up this mess for months.

To think we exist inside matrix of cubes, and it is not obvious until we set up cubes of other density.
150.12 mm  It is a Ra Fractal Cube!

There are two of them connected together going back to 1 inch of the wall.

150 / 9 = 16.666

Dave L


Recommend you start with the first experiment on a length of copper.

Do not do the Gold one at that large size, I did it, or it will attach itself to the earth grid.

Setting up a conical field on copper pipes and tubes.

Caliper => 92.71 mm

Hold the pipe or tube with it's center of mass in the caliper gap at 90 deg, SSF comes up with wide ends of the field on the ends of the pipe [ Dual Cones ].

Caliper 2 => 92.71 mm

Touch both calipers to both ends of the pipe simultaneously, field  flips [ Football Shape ]. Wide field at center of tube two compression nodes on each end.

Caliper => 10.30 mm

Touch on the compression nodes on the tube to take the field down.

Clear out residuals using a magnet, if there are any present.

This is but one fractal dimension that is possible, taken directly from the spreadsheets below.


Electric Field injection Electron shell vibration

Caliper => 49.43 mm

Touch the pipe anywhere. The field will be uniform everywhere on the copper medium, and feel electric.

Caliper => 5.49 mm

Touch the tube anywhere, the field should come down

Clear any residuals with a magnet


Dave L 

2019 - 7 - 6

I am still having trouble visualizing how the background field can hold and sustain a cone as it does, very hard to fathom in the physical ego mind.
When you see it however, that forces you to accept that this is how nature is doing it.

Bashar stated, that cone shape is held as a template, a form, and we need to understand it better to make working conical devices that can power things.
I knew there was a natural 30 degree angle on the earth nodes, the 33 degree cone was a different concept, and that is where the angular infinity fracturing comes in causing a 12x octave type of splitting.

I believe if we make cones smaller then 20 cm, they may be safer to play with. Less disruptive.The field can be totally self powering, come up instantly, and then be taken down instantly.
Also it might be better to set them up vertically.and actually attach them to an earth node.

Sept 2

[Here I have become exhausted and frustrated, and decided to regroup.]


Here I am going to discuss, not emotional blocks, but mental blocks, and I hope we can approach this subject to a point of clarity this month.

Here is the situation:

I am fully ready to begin raising powerful fields that can likely be harnessed to power electric devices, as well as anti-gravity devices with the locating of the 115 elements ability to repel all matter not merely magnetic matter.
I have hit on two problems, that may violate the rules [Grey Protocols] to continue with this.

I have a mental block, to ciphering how to take down a conical cone field that is sourcing from the atoms level at the tip.
This was the most power I have ever brought up from the background field system of natural constructs, the Gold Atom itself, and this was achieved using the data from science and the leaders in physics.
It's ability to self sustain no matter what I do to it, is a block to public release of the technique, which would definitely give proof to any witnessing it, that it is a real phenomena.
That is, all scientists would have to conclude we have identified a real effect, based on their own calculations of atomic physics, and it will be almost too simple for them to even grasp why it works.
I very much doubt any "intuitive" would be able to find this effect because they are not going to be asking the right questions, or scanning for the correct geometric form to hit on it by targeting it accurately.
Even the Leabeater diagrams of cones and other forms, they were able to see, could not really be used because they were not quantified with actual values, which we have now accomplished.

The rule of protocol is from the lower 4th density, we must attain comprehension, and control, of what we do with the power of the Source field, or we will be "blocked" from using it.
It is no longer about how to access this field and experimenting with how to make it work for us, it is now about how to control it once we raise it up.

Secondly then, should we proceed in a method to remove this "block," and if so how to approach it.
I have played with the two little balls on the desk a bit, and gotten my body to ignore it through some attempts to clear it out using will power from the levels, I have failed, as it always comes back to my awareness when I scan then at a later time.
I can shut my scanning off to the point I feel they are almost gone, but if my arm intersects them for a time while typing, I eventually notice they are not actually gone and still quite powerful  in the containers I placed around them to cut them down in size and power level.
I did this by cutting off the Source of the cones power which comes in from outside to feed it from the background field itself. By setting up a spherical containment which the cone cannot sustain outside of. A barrier moving at 90 degrees to the coupling outwards of the cones.
Now if we determine a true release of this field at the nuclear core, I would think we would have a way to actually disintegrate matter itself and thus this technology could be used in some really bad and terrible ways if that is true.


The solution seems to be finding some way to produce the conical system in rotation of some kind inside the spherical system boundary, at a size that is smaller then 20 cm so the power grid will not interfere with it. 16 cm in Europe.
But that still leaves the problem of take down of the field, and as a powering source, I feel this is a requirement.
What we are tapping into is nuclear energy probably below the level of the atom itself, as the atom is feeding on this to self sustain also. It is possibly the proton level.

I cannot set up devices to measure fields around them, if we cannot shut these fields back off.
As life would consider this a form of death, it has not objected as of yet with pi/2 ratio fields, or fields using the 10x octave system of expansion.
This field now however is pulling it's power directly from the Source field geometrically and mathematically.

I have never hit this wall before now, and not been able to cipher a way around this.
I have taken down every SSF I have created at some point with the exception of the atom field inside the iron ferrite yoke setting here on the desk. I know it will come down having been created as layered area type fields.
And now the conical fields, which are far too powerful to leave up. If someone were to move their gold ring through these little field bubble they may come away with a field on them, I could not even control.
This was achieved by using volumetric field calculations. This is the first time I have explored that.


That stated, I am now asking for guidance on a path to pursue for the greatest good of human kind.

Having finally found the vortex of power, can we control it?

I would appreciate any and all input on this, for discussion.

Dave L


Laid a wool sweater over the nodes and wrapped it around my head, it does tone it down a lot, thanks. 

Interesting effect J,

Initial set up  H1 =>  1363.968 MHz  [Background field volumetric source]
Gold NVR =>  23.583 cm  =  235.83 mm  [Initial field]

1363.968 H1 - 23.583 = 1340.385 MHz  H1 

H1 => 1340.385 MHz
Gold NVR => 23.175cm  =  231.75 mm

Applied 231.75 mm, strange effect at first, like my arms would become very light as I moved them.
Less tension, will wait and see what happens now.

Thanks J,
Dave L

My head is more clear now, and palming the result.

It created another cone off the one node I was testing it on, but not on the other node.
The cone extends upwards from the node on the desk, and this is a new direction for it's growth. 

As I raise my palm up the line directly over the node there is one distance where my hand feels much lighter.
It appears to be the fractal we just installed.

I now move around this and discover it is a circular field all the way around the node point, it is setting at 90 degrees to the original field as a new ring on the original cones wide end.
This ring however is not attached as a cone to the other node.

If you see a cone with its tip touching the node on the desk, and then rotate this cone all the way around the ring, that appears to be what we just created. The ring is wider and maybe this is the spinning field I was searching for.

Amazing indeed, However not the solution to take down as of yet. One more field to work on!

This is the main problem, as what ever we do tends to add stuff.

Dave L

The presence of a magnet effects this new field.

It is actually two rings with a gap between them. One feels radiant more then the other, as I stick the magnet inside on the desk node, they switch, and the other one is more radiant and the initial one goes more dead.
This is the first magnetic interaction I have observed with these conical vibration fields.

From the fields duality, having two layers in motion, it feels like the spin may be opposite on each layer.
The field is rather annoying, as I type my left arm tends to position right through it. LOL!

 OK, we have two working solution ideas, thanks guys for the good responses!

J's, has produced a ring shaped field around one of the nodes. The tension at the center node has dropped radically and moved into the ring running around it making a very notable field in the air at 90 degrees to the two nodes on the desk.
It is irritating when I move my head into it, and it leaves an imprint on my 3rd eye that is hard to get out of my head again.
It is highly compressive and dense. This is really an advanced field, you might expect on a saucer craft, as it lowers the central mass intensity and places it on the outside ring. If that ring landed outside in the air, the craft may loose some inertial coupling.
While I cannot explain why this field went to a 90 degree position, it does make sense the vibration power would move into the smaller fractal, and the fact that it is not stationary is promising.

Z, do you happen to have one of the isotopes data, you would like me to try, and how long it would stay present in the unstable state before transitioning to a stable state? And if gold starts dropping out of this node on the desk, I may be very upset! LOL!
Also I scanned over the center point between the two nodes to find the "disintegration" area frequencies, this may be of value it taking it down, or at least shrinking it also. Nice work! 

Dave L

Ok what is the cone? The cone is like a projector. It can span across bandwidths of frequency as area type field.
So where does this projection originate from? 

The cone is calculated from the volume of a quantum of the resonance of space, as a volume fractal of the fields resonance.
But when it comes up it manifests as rings in conical form that all converge to one point in space.
Compared to the volume in the cone, the point of convergence is zero. The zero point.

However the cone is not entirely a volume, but it does have a wide end that is finite in space.
It also has an angle of convergence. Thus it has a specific volume also.

The dream last night said "three Mikey's standing on one leg. I first thought, what are they doing with their other legs?
However the cone has only one tip that attached it, the one leg, so what is the significance of the three that are standing on it?

Possibly if we calculate the three dimensions of the cone, we can use that data to take it back down, or even to pull it into a different form, such as a sphere.

The glowing UFO was observed to be changing from the cube to a sphere repeatedly as if to signal us this was important to observe. I saw this on a video that was taken one night on you tube by an excited man. They said it had been doing this for a long time.
Well we certainly know now that if we slide the resonant distance of our calipers between the cubes side length and the spheres diameter, the same volume of space will transform from a cube to a sphere.

We must now determine how the cone arises from this and where along the transformation it forms. At that point possibly we can just slide it back and transform it.
The initial cone form produced in the initial length when the ring was placed into it, was two cones joined at the tip. The caliper was holding two cones of the same dimension, but with opposite directional ends. Wide ends on the caliper jaws.
So the first form was convergent to the center point, at 1/2 the distance calculated as the resonance of Gold NVR. The primary field that created it, was a convergent field inflow system conforming to the natural direction vectors, and developing two sides in opposite directions.

The dual cones must have three parameters that make it equal to the Source it is drawing power from, by some formula. Possibly three multipliers or sums. Most likely three multipliers as a volume, but possibly an area on the finite end also.
The cone shape takes the initial volume and condenses it into rings, but possibly we do not need to calculate each ring, as the cone geometry itself is doing the stratification of the field.
The cone form is causing the field to spin up and create dense rings. It is its connection with the volume of space from the cube calculation, and the resulting distance of the NVR programming length that powers it.

The space itself is the power source of this field. The programming distance is the parameter to create it's resultant shape at any fractal size we choose, and these will change by factors of 8x.
Further the field formed instantly as the Gold ring was placed over the caliper end, so it began it's progression from the wide end of the field and not from the center point of the field.
The initial powering system was a convergence to the center point in space, and the Gold Ring was on the wide end of the cones.

Dave L

Sept 4 2019

Release Calculations Ciphered

Cone volume

V = h/3  x   pi r^2

Since pi r ^2 is a constant value for a particular cone, if we cut the height in half, the volume will drop by 6x.
So if we cut the height by 3x the volume will drop by 9x.

The three standing on the one leg.
A 1/3 cone height may drop the fields. 


OK lets start with J's field first.

231.75 / 3 = 77.25 mm

It worked, I just took down the field creating the intense ring!
That was a moving field.


Next the 288 mm nodes

288 / 3 = 96 mm
OK that took down the field standing between the two nodes, the node on the left side seems to have gone inactive.


Next the Ra fractal I added trying to clear the field

150 / 3 = 50 mm

Ok the RA fractal is down now!


Now lets look at the Gold fractal

235.83 / 3 = 78.61 mm

The Gold field is now down! Yes!


I believe the Earth node at 27 cm, from the copper tube, and the earth node on the table.

270 mm / 3 = 90 mm

That one released

Now the 60 hz and 120 Hz fields at 20 cm

200 mm / 3 = 66.67 mm

Did not really notice anything here.


The field on the desk appears to be cleared.

I will check on it later and see if this is only a dream, or if it actually worked.


I want to thank everyone for all the work they have done on assisting me to keep at this, and stick it out to this point.
All your comments, really helped to motivate me and keep me thinking.

My head is slowly dropping in tension level, it may take some time now.
Often it is when you take a field down that you were used to, that you feel it more for a while.

If there is another field there I will likely find it later.

9 - 4 - 2019

There were several more fields present that I worked on using both the 1/9 and the 1/3 techniques, as of 9 - 12 - 2019 I finally cleared out all but one last one that seems to be a linear one sticking up through the desk and not bothering me at this point.

Dave L

Clearing the Gold Ring

used the Gold fractal "take down" on my ring.

78.61 mm

I think it is clear.

I found one field still up, it is a sphere I added at some point, will have to research how that one was created.

This thing was a complex structure, put together like building blocks, and each one had to be reversed.

Dave L

 Thanks all for working with me on this project to final completion.

Dave L

Sept 6 2019


NVR Cone Clarifications

Energy Source
The source of the energy system on the conical system is an area type field, I was not correct in stating it was a volume.
The proof is in the take down frequency.

If you reduce the cone height by 1/3, the surface area of the cone is reduced by 1/9, and not the volume.This includes the base area as well as the cones sides. Verified using a cone calculator on the Internet.
The cone phenomena, is powered from the area or surface area function, and thus it is a 2 dimensional powered form, having three concentric cones that occupy a volume of space. [7.5, 15, 30 degree cones all form simultaneously.]
This explains why it would be associated with the electric field. Actually 3 electric fields.

3 cones in one
Now the other problem with this is within the system that spans a volume, there were 3 cones that came up and not just one. All have different surface areas. We should look at this later for the ratios.
I attempted to take them down one at a time off the circular area field on the wide end, and none would come down as they appeared to be interlocked with each other in a three way relationship similar to an atom with three shells.

The dream "3 Mikie's standing on one leg - the three cones, all with only one identical height.
As it turns out, all three cones were supported on the same length of the height [frequency resonance of the NVR calculation].

When we shorten the length of the cone height to 1/3, the area of the base drops by it's square also or 1/9 the area, and also on all surfaces of each cone.
It does this on all three cones simultaneously.

That is why there is only one possible way to collapse this conical system using only one frequency.
A frequency of 1/3 the NVR takes down the 3 cones of the initial NVR SSF field. [Scalar coil application]

This one may be a bit hard to remember for me.
An NVR actually acts like a 2 dimensional atom, like the top of a Joe Cell with rings inside it's area.
This is projected by 3 cones from a point of convergence, past which we will find it's mirror, another cone opposite it.

So now we have located the supporting single leg of the system and identified the function to release it's power.
How is this done?

We first set up the cone on the calculated NVR from the NMR calculator.
We stuck the Gold ring into one end, and the form came up, self powering. 
Inside the calipers appeared a two cone system with tips joined from that one calculation.
We removed the ring and the field self sustained.

If we had at this point set up a second caliper with 1/3 the distance, held it on equal sides of center of the other one, it would have crashed the SSF.
The mistake was closing the caliper as I lowered it and not realizing the cone did not collapse, but started to float around the room and finally attached to an earth node aligning with N/S magnetically.
Suddenly all kinds of energy was coming up all over the place as the cones drew energy from the earth grid also, and finally the power grid got into it too.
Shutting off the power to the house lowered the field intensity, but did not drop the field.
Using the 27 cm tube under the earth node position on the desk I could cancel out the earth grid field to a great degree, but that did not release it either.

The three cone system interlocking was a construction, that was extremely robust, as effecting one cone did very little to effect it overall.
This is the first time I have run into a natural form that suggests a 3 level system all connected to one controlling frequency leg.

Trying to determine the resulting 3 frequencies is going to be a challenge. However if we can, then it will become possible to set these up using any arbitrary frequency set of 4 frequencies having correct ratio, I think.
A 4 frequency ratio set system can then be used to activate dual cone systems of any size. Best Guess. Ending with one take down frequency. 5 frequencies total.
We then avoid hitting the elements, and instead work directly with the field fabric. Best Guess.

Mikie => Boys name meaning Origin

When I asked for the take down method, that would offer comprehension, I got back  "Three Mikies standing on one leg." in the dream as I awoke.
Three Origins Standing on one Leg.
Three cones standing on one resonance length.

Now from the platform1a work, we can also use scalar coils to set up this form at smaller fractal dimensions, and then also use scalar coils to take it back down.

Dave L


Geometric Resonance of Space

Bashar gave us a number to work with 333000 hz, the resonance frequency of space.
Walter Russell gave us the process of using a geometric expansion, to locate octaves.
A larger volume of space is equal to more energy, when space is used as a source of energy.
Wilbert Smith referred to this as the Field Fabric. Since it is everywhere, I refer to it as the Background or zero point field.

A formula that works is  1 khz = 1 mm  [ As measured with scalar canceling coils and stainless steel calipers ]
Since scalar coils are 3 dimensional then by increasing from mm to cm, a 10x increase in side length of a cube, we get a 1000 x gain in frequency, by a 10x increase in side length cubed.
Another formula then is 1 Mhz = 1 cm   [ This is also measurable in the same way using scalar coils and SS calipers. ]

All calculation of a volume, no matter the shape, will be done as a cube, expressed as mm cubed [ mm^3 ] for khz, or cm cubed [ cm^3 ] for Mhz
We can visualize a cube in the field fabric as a quantum value that will vibrate at a frequency equal to 333000 having dimensions of cube root of 333000 mm per side. Cube root 333000 =  69.31300 .. mm

Thus a cube with a volume of 333000 mm cubed, will resonate with a 333000 hz frequency, and have a side length of 69.313 mm.
Testing with a caliper exposes a single node at the center of the caliper gap, with nodes on each caliper jaw.  
Scanning around the caliper with a finger exposes the cubical nature of a vibration matrix, which is cubical forming in the background field, from setting up this length in space between the two flat caliper jaws.

Now to increase the Power level we jump one octave higher on each side, or a 2x gain in length of each linear dimension, which will increase the resonant frequency and the volume by a factor of 8x.
Here is a simple chart showing volume expansion of the background field resonance. Each time we multiply by 8 to access more power. The result will have a higher resonant frequency that can draw energy from the field fabric.

1363968000    =   1.363968  GHz

These values can be used to program the NMR calculator as the 1H calibration value, and will give Isotope resonance frequencies for each element on the list of NVR candidates.
The calculator wants to see numbers in the 100 MHz to 2 GHz range to give 4 digit accuracy if possible.
An NVR value will vibrate up as a length in space, without using a magnetic field at all. Vibration in the field fabric is it's Energy Source, thus it is a better way to transfer energy, and to measure frequency.

The resultant forms will self sustain in free space, exactly as atoms do. If the power level is increased, they cannot be taken down using a magnet, as the result will become more powerful then a Neo magnet.
To set them up one may use a sample of the element, set inside the calipers which are opened to the correct length from the NMR calculator. The sample can then be removed and the field will persist.
They can only be taken down using the techniques applied in the document above. Namely a value of 1/3 the height of the cone that created the field = 1/3 the frequency if using a scalar coil to energize it.
This is equivalent to 1/9 of the surface area of each of the three concentric cones that will come up from the element sample.

Now to use the caliper to probe for an element to detect it by feel we do not want to bring up the conical form field and have it self sustain, so instead we use 10x multipliers to derive the values.
The caliper will vibrate up but the resulting field will drop when the calipers are closed and not cause a problem.
A Neo magnet can also be used to clear out any residuals.

In order to use this also for area type fields, as with 2D sheets of EM energy, we can use a 4x expansion technique, and with 1D for a length a 2x expansion can be used.
The bone scanner uses 10x expansion calculations, which normally has not caused an SSF to come up which cannot be released using a Neo magnet.

Just be aware, SSF's [Self Sustaining Fields] can be the result of applying these type of calculations, and take down may be achieved using either 1/9 Frequency, or 1/3 Frequency depending on the form that comes up.
Caliper technique is powerful when correctly quantified.

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