Infinity Scope Trace

Power and Control of Copper medium.

Power and Control of Copper Medium

One can study the work of Tom Bearden,
Floyd Sweet, the TPU, as well as the dual coil system of Bashar.
One thing becomes clear, there is the possibility to set up a copper coil device,
which can achieve Self Powering, and Self Sustaining energy flows.
  I believe there will be discovered a "best and easiest method"
to accomplish this for everyone.

The Gate

Triode Vacuum Tube
Tom Beardens "mental model" of a system which views the atom as a simple vacuum tube.
If you access the nuclear field using correct coupling method then it may be used as a gate to alter the external flows on the electron shell.
If proper feedback looping is achieved, which is self regulating, we can have energy from the vacuum.

The Feedback Loop

Infinity Sign

In the energy loop there must be regulated control of the field cycle.
I have sensed this as the DM or diagonal mediator relationship.
I have also personally witnessed this loop working in my own garage,
when I somehow generated an 8 to 10 foot bubble of electron plasma.
It was self standing and self sustaining into a light bulb at approximately 100 watts of power.
The light was vibrating with an energy that was quite spell binding for me.

It has done little good to relate the details of this experiment to anyone else thus far.
The simplicity of the circuit layout makes little sense to most trained in EM engineering work.

I was consciously connecting with the "copper atoms" when it happened.
That connection was necessary to achieve it, and to tune it in, using feel felt responses.
Once the field bubble was powering the light bulb, I removed the AC power,
then the pulsing circuit, and the field continued to power the bulb.
I had to remove the load, in order to shut down the self powering energy bubble.

There is a dynamic achieved between the powering field and the load
such that they are connected as one, in some kind of a harmony state.
Operation of energy in the feed back system is vibrational.

Recent discovery of the Quadrature Constant at 24 levels of  phi and pi ratio function.
Layered Fractals
I have come to believe that a closed vibrational energy system can self sustain using this ratio.

1.568088175     90 / xf   [Quadrature Constant ]
1.57079             Harmony fractal
1.618033           Power

This range of ratios, are likely responsible for all self sustaining forms.


This work is dedicated to the comprehension of how this can be accomplished,
and engineered to work for all humans on planet Earth.

Dave L

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Infinity Scope Trace

The Infinity Scope Trace Represents Infinite Energy
From the Aetheric Medium