Earth Energy TEM Systems

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Earth Gradients Diagram

Longitudinal Transport of Earths Voltage Field Potential to the Work Bench

In order to make use of the planets layered electrical field potential, we must be able to tap the voltage component of the field at various diameters outwards from the earths core to the upper ionosphere. Pull these into a capacitor at very close distance apart, in order to shove them into "counter space" as a charged capacitor. This is a massive change of volume for the electric field. At this point a spark gap or gas tube can be used to oscillate a series coil and generate electrical AC energy.

The part we need help understanding, is exactly how to transport the Voltage or E field component to the bench, using a wireless transport system.
Where this becomes workable, we can then target any two diameters of the earth system seeking the potential difference we desire to work with on the bench.

The system will then be composed of two different Longitudinal type receivers, combined on a capacitor setting between them.

In longitudinal transport, the Electric or E field runs parallel with the Vibration wave. [This is referenced form the work of Eric Dollard.]
This system can then be broken down to various functional block components working together, to target any two layers of the earths mass or atmosphere having different voltage potential.

System Functional Block Diagram

System Functional Block Diagram

New Technology [Old Technology]

Wireless Transport of DC

Wireless transport of a DC potential. Using vibration coupling systems, where the E field and T field run parallel to one another. 90x coupling ratios are used to pull in high density vibration fields to the workbench.
[This is similar to joining heaven and earth core energies, in a vertical channel meditation system in the human body.] There will be conscious coupling at the vibration level with feedback to both layers of the conscious system [Earth Sphere].

The earth will become aware on it's level of awareness, of the system, and may interact with it consciously.

Separation of the two components of the Longitudinal Vibration Field

E field or voltage must be separated from the vibrational coupling system. Aluminum Elements would seem to be the known route to take for this function at present.
While copper element concentric tubes could also be considered.
90 x coupling must return to the earth extraction layer for feedback, as DC High Voltage is extracted for local storage.

Compression of the E field into Electrical counter space [P-E storage], and out of Vibrational counter space [N-E storage]

A copper plate capacitor would seem to be the perfect element for this function. Charge, area of plates, distance between plates, dielectric, will determine the power of the AC output.
In this form the energy can now be pushed into a coil to produce electrical power having all three fields present using a pulsed discharge system.

Focus can now be turned to development of each component block above, now that we understand the energy forms we are seeking to work with.

Counter Space

N = Neutron Layer - [Innermost Sphere]
P = Proton Layer  - [Next outwards Sphere]
E = Electron Layer  - [Outer Sphere]

Longitudinal Storage of energy can occur in the gaps between these layers in copper atoms as three types of energy we can identify.

N-E gap - Vibration or pressure [Joe Cell Work - pressure magnetic]  
P-E  gap - Electrical potential or voltage [Normal AC powering systems Electric].
N-P gap where corrections are made for recovery of the atoms field distances [self sustaining mechanism]

Where Joe Cell vibration energy mainly bypasses the storage in the P-E layer of counter space, using stainless steel there are small voltages detected to be present to keep the concentric tubes charged at low voltages. This voltage runs parallel with the N-E layer vibration in the cells radiant outwards in all directions of the cell. If manipulated correctly it can also become self sustaining. We have spent years perfecting ability to cause the voltage on the tubes to self sustain, but there is always a looping field of vibration under this voltage to support it's presence. In specially cut Joe Cells or with Caliper injection of the fields , we can set up solid vibration fields that will support a constant voltage on the tubes.

This is the pattern of a longitudinal wave, where the voltage component runs parallel to the mass vibration radiance. The voltage will piggyback on the vibration path, and can be separated at the receiving end of the system.
Thus DC charge can be transported form point to point in space using correct vibration resonant device elements.

Note this is a different approach to resonant EM coupling with Earth, using EM frequencies to down shift the AC potential of a raised antenna, to a ground system. Schuman resonance is often cited as a Source of energy in these systems, but in reality it's DC component level is at ground potential because of its earth diameter calculation landing on the surface of the earth. Only Lightening strikes will then charge these system with useful AC potentials at high frequency.

If possible better to target a voltage that is present at some depth down inside the earth core and work it against either another sub surface diameter or a sky diameter in the ionosphere.
Wireless transport of DC is the part of the technology we need full comprehension of, for these systems to become practical.
Not to fear, this has already been observed to be possible in small scale devices.

This is the part where duplication of devices like the Hendershot coil system begins to break down using newer construction materials. The inner capacitor plates were likely tunned to resonate with the copper wire thickness, to set up the separation field, where the vibration must be routed differently then the E field by 90 degrees. After the E field pops out, it can then jump directly into the capacitors and begin to resonate between counter space and outer space as electric and magnetic field components. Not understanding the function of the separation element, one would be lost to accurately duplicate such a device.

Earth Core Data

Reference  Earth Layers

Depth            Layer                      Density       Thickness       Center of Mass      Circumference      90x Test Fractal
km                                                                                        Radius
0-60              Lithosphere              -----
0-35              Crust                      2.2-2.9           35 km         6360.5                  39964.2 km          54.82 mm                                    
35-60            Upper Mantle         3.4-4.4           25 km          
35-2890        Mantle                    3.4-5.6       2855 km         4915.5                  30885. km           42.37 mm
100-700        Asthenosphere         -----
2890-5100    Outer Core             9.9-12.2      2210 km        2383                     14972.83 km       20.538861 mm
5100-6378    Inner Core             12.8-13.1     1278 km        639                         4014.995 km       5.5075 mm

410 & 660     Crystal structure changes - Transition Zone

Geometry of the Field Forces

First step is recognizing of the correct math and geometry for a conversion of vibration from a pressure zone into Electrical energy.
As we learned form  Eric Dollard, the E field moves from space to counter space during EM oscillations. Counter space becoming the distance inside the copper atoms between the electron shells and the proton shells, a very tiny space for charge to fit inside from our perspective. When inside the voltage seems to disappear to us on the outside. Later it becomes the distance between the capacitor plates in our devices of electrical resonance.

Vibration science has been the study of how to get vibration to rise up out of  this same counter space, in general working between the nucleon and the electron shells, as mass vibration. Using "human senses" of vibration to detect this energy form, as well as calipers to measure it. It has been a long road to document vibration wavelengths to the point of actual formula, but that day has now come. Strong force energy, and the orbital rings it generates can be directly measured using SS caliper techniques, with pineal reception, and these charts of resonant lengths are now repeatable as a science.

An electric field arising from earths core, which is mostly Iron and Nickel, would then be bound to the 8x octave structure of the metals, and also be trapped inside counter space.
A voltage becoming radiant from these layers would be the square of the linear dimensions, 8 x 8 = 64. In fractal math referring to this as a 64x octave structure off the linear form vibration of the pressure wave or T wave.
It's velocity is said to be 2 / pi times the frequency of the T wave.
As voltage expresses itself as an area, or length times width in a capacitor plate, we push the energy into the counter space that lies between the plates of the capacitor and if our transverter system can match the impedance between the two forms of energy, there should be a direct conversion of vibration into Electrical energy.

An LMD wave contains both Electric and Vibration waves running in parallel.
To extract the two types of energy as an electric field, we have to increase the E field while reducing the T field, and then turn them 90 degrees apart from one another. Referring to this function as a separator or splitter system.

To push the energy out of the vibration layer and into the Electrical counter space layer, we can use a fractal transverter design.
To date none have been shown to actually work well publicly, because prior to this, no one has ever made an accurate connection between the two forces, that resulted in practical power outputs, or have shown mathematically, how and why this should even work.
[There is ample guesswork going on with the QEG at this time, and confusion is the major part of the experiments. I believe this is because few have ability to measure vibration directly, and have learned the methods to a level of practical use. This requires what would previously be termed a psi ability.]

T field must get smaller -  90x octave structure
E field must get larger -  64x octave structure

Transverter Ratio -  64x / 90x = 0.71111111111111111...

Vibration into Electrical energy. To accomplish this using fractal math skills we must create spreadsheets of the harmonic structures and then compare them to reality by building some devices for testing purposes.
Lets begin at the earths core pressure band.
Center of mass circumference of the most dense layer = 4014.995 km = 4,014,995 meters
639,000 meters out from the center of the Earth

First we can tune into this center of gravity ring using 90x fractal math to couple to it, and observe it at the pineal.

4,014,995,000 millimeters / 90 repeatedly  - at 4 down steps we find a convenient length  for testing.
61.194863587867703094040542600213 mm
61.19 mm
Set your SS caliper to this wavelength and bring it near a good earthed ground bar. What is observed and felt in the head, is the indication, that this is accurate enough for design work.
The entire copper ground bar vibrates up when the caliper is straddled around it.

A radius fractal will give the platonic form hex or 6 sided vibration of the core ring, if present.
639,000,000 millimeters / 90 repeatedly - again 4 steps are enough
9.739368998628257887517146776406 mm
9.74 mm

Set your SS caliper to this wavelength and note it does vibrate up nicely. Touch fingers between the gap and feel it in the head.
In order to really feel the pressure from this fractal hold it around the ground bar near one end, about the same distance of the gap from one end.

Note the two fractals do not feel the same. The vertical field is a more direct pressure and higher frequency. The circumference is more a horizontal motion pressure.
Note also we may conclude these caliper wavelengths do tap into the earths field using the 90x dimension reducing method.

Expanding the E field wavelength
We may theorize, that if the E field is expanded from it's counter space location, it will have to expand at 64x dimension steps due to octave expansion of harmonics to fill an area.
We now modify our formula for transverting energy between the two parallel forces, to modify both simultaneously using fractal vibration laws.

Circumference Calculation
4,014,995,000 millimeters X  64  / 90 repeatedly

Extract from the spreadsheet
Spreadsheet Extraction

Here we now find many useful fractals crossing our local project size.
All of them producing sensations of electrical energizing on a copper ground bar.

Radius Calculation
639,000,000 millimeters

Radius 1

The radius is oriented at 90 degrees to the circumference fractal.

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