Cone Set 2 - Data

Resonance Tuning Video

This video shows the main  resonance tuning of the 2nd Dual Cone Set, comming closest to frequency target of 333,000 Hz, of the three sets built.
The voltage dips notably, at the resonant frequency.

You can also see from the video, most modern test equipment is not stable enough to achieve 1 Hz accuracy at 333,000 Hz transmission frequency, making this endeavor extremely hard to accomplish per Bashar's description.

Test Set Up 1

From Left to Right in the diagram above here are photos of the components used in the testing.

F Gen

Frequency Counter

Dual Cone Photo

Scope Trace

Resonance Tuning Video

Here is a short video of the dip as I tune the F Gen across resonance, and then set it for measurement of frequency and voltage.

These are various tests run with cone wiring on the left, and data graphed on the right.

Test 1

Test 2

Test 3

Test 4

Test 5

We can see from the bottom two tests, the resonance of each cone is not identical.

1 - The two cones are not balanced perfectly. One has a little more wire then the other. Outer edge at the top is a longer coil with lower resonant frequency.
-  489586
  22,374 Hz  difference

2 - From the first test above, the cone set is not exactly on target frequency of 333000 Hz

-  311400
   21,600 Hz   Error

3 - The cones are too large to fit inside the Bashar Tetrahedron form, due to wire thickness at 2.07 mm being too large in diameter.

Cone height - 61.7 cm   =   ~ 24.25 inches

4 - Not shown the resonance Q increases if using a 600 Ohm F gen output, as opposed to the 50 Ohm one I had which is more stable.
I attempted to compensate by placing a 300 ohm resister in series with the F Gen, and the dip became much sharper, but not as sharp as the 600 Ohm F Gen,
which was not stable enought to get the frequency measurements this accurately.

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2 / 20 / 2015
Dave L