Circuit Discussion

Seeking the Gate access

Triode Diagram

Purpose of this document
Development of an experimental platform to observe the gate response in copper medium.

 Fractal Reference

Deep Scan of Copper Medium

The dimensions used in the circuit diagram below come from the active vibrational wavelengths of Copper medium.
It is one possible layout to consider.
Neutron Gate Diagram

Diagonal Mediator

Bearden presents Floyd Sweet with a mental model, allowing him to access the nuclear level of the atom, as a gate to control the Vacuum of space itself.
Floyd comes back indicating the pattern on the TV trace showing the infinity sign is important to this.
The trace pattern resembles the Jin Shin Jitsu pattern of the diagonal mediator flow of the human body.
This is the Kundalini pattern at the first level.
It couples both sides into a dance, and regulates the balance.
Copper DM = 24.14 mm [fractal resonance]

Identification of the Elements

Triode Diagram 
Cathode [-]   Grid [-ac]  Anode[+ac]

What is the difference between copper, and a vacuum tube?

Vacuum Triode

A vacuum tube is fed with a Source high voltage DC, Cathode to Anode, and instantly responds to tiny voltage changes on the grid.
This creates very large voltage changes on the plate [Anode], which are 180 degrees out of phase with the grid.
Thus a feedback oscillator will need two stages of vacuum tubes to generate a positive feedback loop.

Copper medium, responds only to a change of voltage and currents running through it.
A change of the current on the copper, causes a 90 degree surge in the voltage, during the change of current.
Response from copper is a 90 degree Proton or nuclear response that opposes the incident change of the Electron shell.
Thus a Copper element oscillator might need 4 stages in order to generate a positive feedback system,
if that is even possible.

The copper atom is Source powered by vibration from the Aetheric medium.
Whatever is happening on the inner layers of the copper atoms, we know that as we change the current on the electron shell,
the atoms respond with a surge of voltage that projects outwards from the wire at 90 degrees to this current.
This is the primary unbalanced condition, where the voltage on the electron shell runs way out of balance with the voltage on the proton shell.
Copper reacts with a delay, now causing the Proton shell to surge oppositely and thus trying to hold onto it's electrons tighter, but only during a change of the current.
The nuclear force reacts more slowly, and then resists the change in current until balance is restored. A counter EMF reaction.
The counter EMF reaction lags the AC waveform by 90 degrees in phase.
In copper medium voltage leads the current by 90 degrees.

If a TPU is set up correctly, this surge energy will disperse along nodal points in the wire of equal distance apart.
As the surge happens, there can be a repercussion outwards which can explode the wire at the nodal points.
The wire will come apart as sections of equal lengths, and this is a vibrational response, with fixed segment length. A fractal resonance response.
In order to observe this interaction there must be a load on the copper, that causes the current to surge.
A DC current will not deliver this response, and why Edisons power was abandoned for Teslas alternating current 100 years ago.

Using Resonant Fractals

Creation of an experimental platform, is in order, to attempt to study how the various layers of the copper atom actually achieve this self regulating response.
Also to determine which fractals can access the atoms, as the 3 basic components, of the Triode Vacuum tube.

Cathode or negative charge element - Electron shell
Anode or positive charge element - Nucleon
Grid - ???

The atomic arrangement seems to set up the vacuum with the triode turned inside out. Cathode [-] on the outside and Anode[+] on the inside.
As Copper works more like a spring bouncing inwards and then outwards of it's nuclear bundle, it is hard to make direct applicational reference to the triode.
The first goal is to create an experiment platform, with elements that couple directly to all the 6 layers of the copper atom, and then determine this through direct measurements.
System must begin with a pulsed AC power supply and a load.
Pull off the twin vibrational elements, of each layer, for direct study of the responses of each one and record them for all 6 layers.

The Joe Cell is another thought, for a reference.
If we start running current through the outer tube into a loaded circuit at 180 points on the tube,
what happens on the inner tubes?

 The above circuit diagram, represents three coil assemblies, which can be setup at 90 degrees to one another, or in any other pattern you wish to experiment with.
If the coils are set up to vibrate up, as the tube in the scope trace section, they will take control of the electron shells as a coherent field.

The nuclear resonances were determined using a "feel felt" system, probably similar to how Floyd did it.

The coils were set up for Floyd by John Bedini and nothing explained to him at all.
I believe I have a feel for the reason Floyd wanted these coils set up this way.
It is the starting point for accessing the Gate.

If resisters are added in the current loops of the Proton and Electron coils, now the energy in the current loops can be measured.
Next the neutron gate coil, can be set up as a rectangle loop also, or as a scalar canceling coil.
If it is set up in the correct angular arrangement then it should produce an effect in the other coils when very tiny currents are stimulated in it.

All of the coils can be scalar canceling but not fully balanced. That is the turns of each opposing winding are a different resonance fractal.
There is much experiment to be performed in this seeking of the gate coupling. I believe it can be accomplished.
If the correct wire lengths are used.
Coupling to the nuclear bundle is vibrational.

In the deep copper scan document above, I have included a wavelength titled the DM, or diagonal mediator for copper.
It is the vibration indicating you have balanced the regulator system of the copper control loop on your feedback system.

I have also included some interesting ratios for each layer set of the copper atom.
These are all feel felt resonances.

One may be able to arrive at this from current scientific charts, however there is a real maze of these
dimensions provided as to the atoms where we are working at those sizes.

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