Bashar Fractal

6 - 27 - 2014  New Cone Builds
7 - 1 - 2014  Tube Experiment and a warning at the bottom
7 - 12 - 2014  A new Pattern of Aetheric Vibration Identified

Resonator Wires


Aluminum wire is for "feel felt" tuning of cone height.
Copper wire is for cone height measurement during winding.

Bashar Fractal Cone

Cone Dimensions

It is assumed that cones could be made to any x multiple of 51.692 cm and would have this vibration pattern naturally.

1x =    51.692 cm
2x =  103.384 cm
3x =  155.076 cm

Since there is a geometric addition of wire length on each jump to a larger coil, the EM resonant frequency would drop very quickly.

Construction of CCW Cone

CCW Coil

Note wire direction at base and at upper tip. Feed coil is on the right side and the cone is turned to the left during winding.
As electron energy moves either direction through this coil it makes a Counter Clock Wise loop in space as it moves away from you the observer.
Feel Felt description - This coil creates a "higher tension" in the background field.

Construction of CW Cone

CW Coil

Note wire direction at upper tip and at base. Wire reel feed is on the left and cone is turned to the right during winding.
As electron energy moves either direction through this coil it makes a Clock Wise loop in space as it moves away from you the observer.
Feel Felt Description - This coil creates a "lower tension" in the background field.

Bashar Cone next to 333000 Hz EM Resonant Dual Cone Stack

Bashar Cone

Green center is two cones wound in opposing direction at ~ 333000 Hz resonance for electrical energy.
Red center is two cones wound in same direction CW which did not oscillate up.
Bashar dimensioned cone in the foreground.

Twin Cone Complements


The CCW coil is annoying over time if stored alone. As expected it begins to "bang the head" a bit.
By placing both cones near one another the balance seems to make it acceptable.

Inter Penetration

Cones are now divided in two and sealed to opposite sides of one another at the center point of crossing minus 4 turns on each coil.
2 turns are removed away from the center on each half so there is a small gap where the resin will fill.
The end is taped with large clear tape, then a 3 oz pour of resin from the inside seals the opposing cones halves together.
CCW tip is inside CW large end, and visa versa.

Interpenetrating Cones

The diameter of the inter penetrating cones is less now at the center point, and a new form has to be constructed for the center 4 turns of each coil.
In the meantime, I notice, sticking a hand inside the set on the left feels much stronger to me then the one on the right, but both cone halves are vibrationally active.

Feel Felt Energy Experience

After construction of the Bashar Fractal Dimensioned Cone set, I have a new sense of high vibration electrical energy all through my hands.
The cones are self radiant off the upper tip and off the lower edge.

Crossover Coil Form

Form 1

~ 148 mm diameter plywood disk
Coated with Orca Shimmer Wax to 7 layers


Coil Wound and ready to pour


Finished Crossover Coil


Mounted at center of dual cone system


Completed Dual Cone System - Bashar Fractal Dimensions
[Truly a thing of beauty.]

Aetheric Resonance

[A new pattern of ratios is discovered. Released here for "public domain" use.]
7 / 12 / 2014

Aetheric Chart

The Aetheric "Stack" of wavelength progressions was discovered by trying all the possible groupings.
In the Earth core scanning, was discovered the "3 group pattern" or triad of the ratios applicable to earth gravity and orbital organization.
Earth CFS

In the 90 steps of the Vedic we found the 5 or penta pattern of ratio groupings by moving from two sides towards one center.
 Using folded back triads on a 90x looping system of mathematic fractals and bending phi only slightly.
The values proved to work in caliper vibration testing very well.

The "10 Group Ratio Set" - Aetheric Rings

In this progression, learned from the cones, by trial and error, we see the "10 group pattern" is now also very real.
The 11th step jumps, modified by (pi / phi squared), rather then the normal (pi / phi) of the other 10 steps.
This progression can be used for distance location of many energy coupling points for the cones.
In effect we discover that in the time track, not all ticks of the clock are equal, which the 111 phenomena reveals to sensitives all over the world today.
In the stacks of "powered harmonies," the mix takes on a pattern of pi and phi multiples such that all distances in space are not equal.

[Like music that gets better and better the more you hear it, these kind of discoveries are eminently satisfying.]
[The glowing reward, for all the efforts, of this kind of work.]
[Beauty in the eyes of this beholder.]
[Can you feel it?]


Showing me vibrating up my stainless steel calipers from the chart, and exciting the field inside the cones with a more Aetheric energy modulation.
Very pleasant to work with .... actually, waves of joy.
109.31 mm

 Vibrating up Metals

The caliper tips are turned down to now penetrate inside the dual cone fields most intense area.
There is no delay, they vibrate up intensely and instantly.


With a SS caliper it does not take long to realize charts like the one above can be very useful in coupling the energy into metals containing iron.
If the metals are made to precise dimension, they will charge up instantly.
This can eliminate the long process of saturation of a device build which can take weeks to fully form the energy bubble.
Even after the caliper has drifted .02 mm off, it is still close enough to vibrate up, as the entire inside of the cones volume hits it.
This demonstrates the power of using the fractal math systems, that have been proven by actual experiment to work.

[I am starting to believe we have now turned a corner in our understanding of Vibration Science and Spirituality.]
[This is becoming both beautiful and powerful.]
[David M Lowrance]
7 - 12 - 2014


Vibration Tests  6 / 21 / 2014
VOP = .356
Set up F gen - on iron copper coils, with copper ball to vibrate up the room at 333000 Hz.

Bashar    Physical Electric Resonance
51.6915733 cm  = 1x
258.4578665  turns   2mm wire
119.92  meters
Wire length 232 x  =  11992.445 cm  = 119.92445 meters
It was strange to realize, the wire length on this cone, comes out to be 232 times the vertical side dimension making the cone resonant in two directions across the wire.


Aetheric.ods 10 Group Pattern of Ratios

[Right click to save this OpenOffice.Org file to your computer.]

Mass Resonator

[Cautionary Note]
7 - 1 - 2014

Mass Resonator Photo

The Bashar dimension fractal is a Power Fractal and should be treated with respect.
Last night I made a set of concentric copper tubes to play with this length, shown in the photo above,
and discovered the next day, my hands were stiff and numbed.

This is a common problem with a power vibration,
you do not want to spend a lot of time holding the bare copper of the tubes tightly, especially on the ends.
The damage to the hands and wrists will usually pass in a few days after the minor swelling goes down.
It is damage from a powerful vibration moving through and creating tiny bruising in the joints.

The only other time I had this happen so strongly was when pulsing 60 Hz power into a light bulb, and extracting the vibration to an Aluminum tube with a coil.
To me an indicator this fractal length is an important one for power extraction, but should be treated carefully for direct body contact.
I sat with the tubes for 30 minutes holding the ends in a meditation, and that was too long for the wrists.

The 16.5 degree angle is the same as the earths sun zenith off the equator on summer solstice.
16.5 x 2 = 33 degrees  - Bashars Cone Angle
The power from this angular skew of the two large spin planes of earth and sun clashing at 16.5 degree angle,
powering the Earth precession, has the Sun and Earths motion of mass behind it.
It is a very strong mass vibration fractal to couple into.

Please be careful.

I have not received any such problems handling the cones repeatedly for 30 minutes or longer on the insulated wires,
or while feeling the bare ends.
If the copper mass is large enough, it can become a factor in touching the bare copper surfaces.
Limit exposure time to bare copper contact when this fractal vibration is present.

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