Bashar Fractal Test 2

8 / 7 / 2014 Dave L

Voltage Coupling to Vibration Field

In our Joe Cell work we noticed that by adjusting the voltage across a cell one could hit "sweet spots" where the cell water gaps would vibrate up instantly.
It was felt that even a DC voltage contained a high vibration component that could be coupled to the cell using voltage adjustment tuning.

Voltage is a parameter of adjustment which can "cross couple" directly to the vibrational field, as it will regulate the "tension" between two elements along the E vector of the field.

Since it is our primary goal to extract vibration from the earths background field, instead of setting a bias across our two cones, we want to set a bias voltage between the earth ground and our Dual cone system, that we now couple into the earths electric and tempic field density. We may then be able to make a voltage scan, and log the values where the dual cones will "vibrate up" the Bashar fractal. Thus forming a link between the cones tuned vibration fractal and our voltage on the cones wire, with respect to the earth. This bias voltage will then "prime the pump" for possible extraction as the energy flow reverses.

Circuit Diagram 1

A proper earth ground is essential to locate the voltage values of the vibration coupling peaks on the dual cones, where they are intended to be positioned, above the earth ground plane.
Cone height, ground location, and bias voltage may all effect our outcome on this power coupling. We tap into the earths field then offset it on the cones to shift the "zero point center line" of the dual cone system to match the vibration on the cones already present. This should establish a magnetic center for our transformers that is somewhere off the zero point field gradient of the earth.

This must be charted using a "feel felt" palming of the cones while slowly changing the voltage on them. The resonant wires from the build can be used to assist sensing this, or simply a finger on the cones, if you are sensitive [attuned] to the fractal vibration already.

Altering any of these parameters may effect the "tuned voltage values" that will achieve cone vibration resonance.

Modulation of the EM field

Now with the Voltage field of the earth coupled to the Vibrational field of the cones, we can experiment with AC waveforms on the center transformer layout at the magnetic field level to see what gains may be possible for AC electrical power.

Circuit Diagram 2

As the background field is persistent over time, adding an AC waveform over the DC bias should not effect the zero point charge on the dual cone setup.
Note however, the new AC waveform will be off center [off density] of the earths field in one direction.
The polarity of the DC bias will be a major factor in how this plays out, and the bias may have to also be applied to the center transformer windings.

It is expected a load must be added to the transformer circuit, before we can tap into source power.


1 - Vibration in the background field powers all things from moment to moment
2 - Perform the bias voltage tunning using palming technique on the Bashar Fractal
3 - Vibration from the earth flows into the dual cone system and cross couples to the average voltage [tension] between the cones and the earth ground, with a "persistent" field
4 - The vibration is split between two cones of attracting magnetic field polarity
5 - The cones are now oscillated up at 333000 Hz electrically using the transformer primary
6 - Load is connected to the transformer secondary
7 - As the power is removed from the primary, the cones may take the load from the nuclear level of the copper mass vibration

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