Accessing the Quantum Fields


Study of tapping into the Quantum fields present in Copper medium.
Sharing the techniques I have learned.

The cones were completed some weeks back and I have been experimenting with just feeling them for a time using fingers and self vibration tools such as Joe Cells.
Now it is time to begin accessing the Quantum levels, to see what can be achieved for myself.

4 - 27 - 2014   Dave L

See the conventional electrical specs of the cone at the bottom of the document.


Scalar Amplification Setup

Starting with a photo of a result from applying past scalar canceling knowledge. A cone resonant frequency 1.582 Mhz is injected as a scalar canceling wave at the center blue coil.
Off the two tips wired to the O-scope on the right, out comes the same frequency as a perfect sine wave at higher voltage.

Noted already on the copper spherical system, now the cone is seen to take an invisible standing pressure wave, and convert it to a sine wave as a transformer in 3 dimensions, by using a 33 degree angle cone.
This effect only works on the cone at certain resonance frequencies.
At the prime resonance of 340 Khz it does not work the same. The 340 Khz signal does not appear on the tips until you change the duty cycle of the wave to between 7 and 11 percent "on" time.
There is a very tight tunning of frequency where this wave then appears as a resonance on the coils. It also exhibits phase locked loop qualities when messing with two frequencies of resonance together.


It is important to express the goal here as many would miss this and simply rely on instruments like meters and O scops to attempt to understand a Quantum Energy Device.
Using a mental and emotional skeptical approach, I do not believe this can be done successfully.

The goal is to shift a Load, to be powered from the quantum level of energy, already present in the copper medium.

This is the same force that holds the atoms together, and causes them to rotate and gyrate always in a constant motion and vibration state. In QED physics it is called the strong force. It is 137 times stronger then EM fields can become.

The challenge is to see if you can feel it for yourself, and then interact with it as you would interact with a crystal during meditation.
In the case of the crystal you are only coupling with the vibrational field coherence of the atoms. In our case we wish to raise all three fields resonant in the copper atoms to our dimensional level of perception.

In order to accomplish this feat, tunning will likely be required in some form where the person is consciously feeling the frequency couplings as a vibration and then accessing the "quantum level" asking it to co operate with this effort, just as a healer would commune with the intelligent fields of the human body to tell us how to heal ourselves.
This is very much similar to expanding a field bubble from a quartz crystal by using your own energy to start the process. You extend your own sensing energy down into the crystal to form the first coupling link.

The good part however is that we now have rules we can use to both identify the wavelengths of the vibrations and also manipulate them into stable self sustaining forms of energy.
A SS caliper is used for measuring wavelengths, while tunning the Function generators [F gen] to hit these quantum level vibrations, using the large cones to amplify and expand the fields to larger size of field coherence and mass vibration.

While I can share the digits of my F gen with others, I cannot impart the experience of doing this Quantum tunneling process for ones self.

Belief and understanding will only come from the personal comprehension gained in doing it at least one time for yourself.
The goal is then to establish a Quantum energy bubble on the device that can be used to self regulate power into a load, that we can use in our daily life, mirroring how the atoms are doing it now.
The jumps in dimension happen based on the same rules we have learned in the fractal matrix study with resonant rods.

With this goal in mind and a reverence for how the universe operates, to self sustain all matter and form, we now study targeting the Quantum levels to find out for ourselves how they do it.

Quantum Accessing

Here is the data from my deep copper scans to date, using the massive copper bars and calipers.
Bring any one of these caliper distances near or around copper and energy will jump into the gap as vibration.

Electron Layers 

5.66 mm           8.89 mm

Proton Layers

12.06 mm           15.07 mm

Neutron Layers

7.26 mm            5.22 mm

If we want a vibrational segment length to draw energy from the Electron shell layer we can apply a fractal rule discovered previously and simply sum two length at that layer group.

5.66 + 8.89 =  14.55 mm
This length can be used to sense activity at the Electron shell we commonly know as electricity.

I set up this length on a caliper and then began a frequency scan of the cones.
1 Mhz, and 372 Khz came up very strongly for me.
The calipers fill with energy of vibration for a physical resonance that is not hard to learn to feel, showing we are accessing that layer and bringing up vibration into our calipers at larger dimension.

Now I can open to the electron shell of my project and start asking it how it works directly. It is conscious. The electron shell in all the copper touching is one Quantum field and coherent in copper already.

Electron Level   14.55 mm
Proton Level     27.13 mm
Neutron Level    9.48 mm

I discovered it works better to only connect the hot wire of the F gen to the blue coil to produce outputs from the tips of the cones, and amplitude will jump far higher in this configuration.

Here are a few of my findings.

E field  1 Mhz      372 Khz
N field  32.5 Khz    66.1 Khz

These are opening me as a meditator to the very deepest fields in copper medium that I can sense, using the dual cones as an amplifier.
I simply want to feel and understand how it works, and my state of mind is pure curiosity and wonderment. In this state a telepathic link with the atoms layers may impart comprehension.
Work directly with the fields themselves, and loose all  thoughts of doubt and all preconceptions.

Quantum Resonance Caliper Gaps for Copper Medium

Quantum Resonance Caliper Gaps

Now if you place the various calipers around a wire passing  EM energy to the cones, you will get a big surprise, as these vibrations will cross the Quantum level of the copper.
Each one feels different and accesses a different layer set of the "conscious bubble" we know as a copper atom.

Feeling the Dance of the Quantum Fields

Feeling The Dance

My cone frequency is at 12.42 Khz at this point from the large F gen on the left.

This is the most fun I have had with EM in a very long time!
Just standing beside this resonating cone and feeling all three of the fields in the dance of existence, for the joy of the copper atom. The conscious bubble of energy, that it actually is, at the quantum level.

This illustrates how my investigating process is very different from conventional electrical engineering methods. I am adding the "feel felt" connection to my project, and communing with the Quantum fields in a state of joy and trust.
It is over this "link of joy" I can now "slide" into the Quantum levels for an exploration of consciousness at their level of operation, and feel their domain as a large expanse of spheres in motion all around me.

At this point, it is somewhat hard for me, not to break out into a state of laughter and just stop recording this experience.

I now set at my desk about 8 feet away from the cones, cast my gaze over to the 3 calipers and the energy comes into my body at its core center. I shut my eyes and see the beautiful spheres of energy all around me, in their unique balance, charging the space between the layers with "something." That space between the layers feels absolutely spell binding in it's depth.

Eyes 1/2 opened I go into za zen and record this experience quickly here while continuing to see it on my pineal vision as a complete expanse all around me.

Does this sound much like a quartz crystal meditation experience? Do you already recognize how it is done? How simple it is, and how natural to do.

EM Frequency Resonance

5 / 7 / 14

Single Cone -
Resonance ~ 222 KHz

Dual Cones in Parallel -
Prime resonance = ~ 340 Khz
Secondary Resonance = 1.582 Mhz

Ratio = 4.6529 x

This is nothing like a dipole antenna, which could produce perfect multiple 3x 5x 7x odd harmonics.
The secondary harmonic resonance is not linear.

This means it must be a combination, of some harmonic and in harmonic mixing effect with irrational or transcendent numerical value.

Secondly, the fact that the Secondary resonance does not care if it is injected with a canceling coil configuration, means that a rotation of the two fields will still produce the same output at the tips.
This means that on the dual cones, there are two waveforms present all the time, that pass back and forth through one another, and this matches the waveform produced by scalar canceling coils at the center.

It will not be obvious why that is a good thing until we draw power through the system in some way, with a load added to reflect back a current voltage separation, as a power factor.
I am presently researching triacs, and diacs, for a set up with no filtering, so I can produce good vibration from interruption of a load.

Phase Modulating the 60 Hz power line frequency

Wiring Configurations and Inter mod Distortion Coupling

Config 1

Note that a scalar canceling winding can be used to power up the dual cone system, and it will still produce a real resonating polarized EM output at the tips.

The first, or core winding, then can be similar to a lamp cord. An auto transformer will dive a circuit through this lamp cord, and according to conventional electrical rules, there will be no power drawn from the primary circuit to vibrate up the dual coils, as the magnetic field will totally cancel out.

On the load side of this circuit, we place a triac lamp dimmer with no filtering, and a diode bridge with very high frequency switching ability, then into the 100 watt lamp.
Now we slowly adjust the "lamp dimmer" and the "auto transformer" for an activation of the dual cones, from inter mod distortion of the lamp dimmer clipping action.

Note we will be taking a 60 Hz AC powered circuit, and activated our Dual Cones by "clipping" it on and off, at a specific location of the phase angle of rotation of the AC wave.

This is the first experiment.

The circuit diagram for the lamp dimmer circuit is found in the document below "A Past Experiment" where I discovered a method to raise up a self sustaining powering field bubble. This circuit continued to power the bulb after the AC cord was pulled from the wall.
I will be placing the Dual Cones between the Autotransformer and the Lamp dimmer, so the load side of the circuit is modulated , and the Cones can begin to function as a source of power, taking that load as the pulsing reaches the Quantum level in the cones copper mass.

Note while it is possible to achieve over unity, in this set up without the dual cones, by tunning the correct 2 points of rotation of the field to mix, as we do in the Joe Cell engine, the result of that is a ~9 foot diameter field bubble of 60 vdc layered all around the set up, which can damage other electronic components in the room, so is not practical for use.

A Past Experiment

Tensor Field

Joe Cell Toroidal Model

I am seeking a method to reduce the size of this field bubble so it can become practical for use. It is hoped the Dual Cones will be able to resonate at a smaller diameter and produce a similar effect.

Central Pancake Coil

Pancake Winder Photo 1

The wood disc was dimensioned by intuition using a machinist compass. It turned out to hold exactly 49 turns of the 16 gage electric appliance zip cord.

Construction Detail

Pancake Winder Photo 2

The three components to the left were used to wind the coil. A large rotary table bearing, An Aluminum tube cut from flashing stock and secured with 4 rivets at correct diameter. The thick craft paper disc is set inside the bearings to hold the tube up off the table and then a thick layer of electrical tape wound to support the first wire coil wind and prevent the tube from touching the table while winding the coil onto the thin wooden donut which is set on top of the rotary table bearing.

Pulsing Setup

Intention is to set up a "field bubble" at the center of the garage area, that will not interact with other nearby electronics in the room, or in the house, as happened last time with the 9 foot diameter field bubble.

Detail 1 photo

Photo showing the bottom thin wooden donut ring, with wiring now accessible and 6" raised PVC spacer tubes.


Each component quickly told me where it wanted to be positioned with respect to the earths field.
The dual cones were lifted using 5 each 6 inch long white PVC pipe I had as scrap and cut accurately with the saw at the end of the table.

The 5 each 6 inch tubes were set in a pentagram around the central earth node location where they wanted to be, and the rest of the component stack then added.
I had only intended to cut 4, the 5th was an input from Spirit and ended up being used.

A thin wooden donut ring then added to support the base of the cones, stacked on top of the tubes. Now I can access the bottom wiring of the cones as well.

Pancake Coil

3 each grey PVC pipe to support the center pancake coils thin wooden ring.

Setup 1a photo

20 amp Variac positioned at the other end of the table over a secondary earth node position, and the halogen 72 watt light bulbs also knew where they wanted to be.

Alignment with Earth Grid

Detail 2 photo

The three light bulbs wanted to set in a triangle position where they could all talk to one another as one coherent field, with one bulb directly under the tip of the lower inside cone and 17 inch seperations.
The line to the Variac is a North South grid line, the Variac on the South end at 45.5 inches away, center of cones to center of Variac.

The phase modulator box wanted to set to the right of the cones for my right handed tweaking as my left hand is then free to sense vibration on the cones and bulbs.
It all feels naturally correct now!

Setup 1c photo

Photo of the first setup from the South end.

Field Bubble

I have not yet wired the circuits or turned on the power, and there is a strong field bubble already forming around the cones with a 64 inch diameter.
Electrical sensations are already present on the pancake coils stripped wire ends. I believe this activity is now due to the earth grid intersecting the components.

If  I move to 32 inches from the center of the cones there is an audio tone present I can hear, only at that distance, while looking directly at the center tip, and a high frequency vibration within this bubble area.
If I move closer in, the audible tone begins to pulse on and off.
If I move outside the 32 inch radius, I am out of the field. The tone is gone and the high frequency vibration greatly reduced.

This is exactly what I was hoping for, a field bubble that was smaller, and may be buffered from interaction with close by electronics.


I was also pleasantly surprised this project set up would lead me back around to a point where I began with magnets on the ends of iron rods. 44.5 inches is what I perceived as the wavelength resonance of the magnetic field in iron.
Light Technology

The Variac center wanted to set at 44.5 inches from the center of the dual cones! This was a very positive indication we may have found a magnetic to vibration common point of energy coupling in this system.
The 44.5 comes up here as a field and is not harsh or out of place at all.  [Previous reputation, was a head banger fractal length.]

Resonance in Copper 44.5 feet [Lyle Lathem]
Resonance in iron 44.5 inches, a (1/12)x fractal connection between copper and iron medium, the only common fractal I have ever found for both metals. [Dave L]

6 / 1 / 2014
Dave L

6 / 6 / 2014

The set up has now reached some kind of saturation. That is, as I entered the room tonight the cones were notably radiant, and warm. The Variac is also radiant with vibration and warmth.

Dave L

Electrical Cone Parameters

Measured with a MASTECH MS8222H   (Lx) meter setting.
Scale 20 m

Each cone alone      ~ 4.78 mH
Parallel M Aiding         3.30 mH
Parallel M Cancelling  0.12 mH
Series M Aiding        12.87 mH
Series M Cancelling    6.08 mH

M = Magnetic field alignments
Central Pancake Coil is also in position for these readings.

Coils in parallel  

formulas for 2 inductors in parallel

LT = ( L1 * L2 ) / (L1 + L2)

L1 = L2 = 4.78 mH

LT = ( 22.8484 mH /  9.56 mH ) =  2.39 mH

The measured reading is a bit out of line with the basic formula for seperate coils in parallel.
[ + 0.91 mH ] measured inductance is higher then expected by calculation.
This is likely due to the overlapping geometry of the two coils???

Coils in series

Series inductance is also different then expected.
Calculated 4.78 * 4 =  19.12 mH, measured = 12.87 mH  [ 6.25 mH under the calculated value]

Dipole Resonance Frequencies -

Both Cones in parallel
~340 Khz

Single Cone disconnected -
~ 222 KHz

Upper Resonance Harmonics

Cones in parallel.

1.582 Mhz
2.2 Mhz

These create extreme over voltage waves that appear on the cones opposite tips.
They can also be injected as scalar canceling wave forms from the external blue center coil, and or from connecting only one wire to the coil.

This is totally unexpected, as a dipole should be resonant on all odd harmonics, 3x 5x 7x etc...
and a cancelled magnetic field should not produce a secondary voltage through a transformer, by conventional expectation.

Center Blue Testing Coil

30 turns Blue White 24 gage dual conductor twisted pair wire.
Can be configured in several ways. One is 60 turn single coil, one is scalar canceling coil, one is 30 turn parallel coils.

Pancake Coil

49 turns 18 gage lamp cord, or "zip cord."
Wound over a thin plywood donut ring for support.

Amazon Part SPT-1 Wire
Electrical Lamp Cord In Bulk. 250 Foot Spool Of White Cord. SPT-1 Wire

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