Conscious Magnetic Interface Design Concepts for Multiple Vortex Devices

The devices herein describes a conscious human to universal interface for extending the human consciousness outwards into a machine using both control and perception vector functions of the physical fabric. Devices can be configured to access either Astral or Mental planes as well.

The  following concepts were confirmed and recorded during a conscious crossing to the mental plane achieved while using two magnetic vortex devices.
One configured as a Proton [Bismuth] outflow device and one set up as an Iron Ferrite inflow device looping the "Mental to Proton" photon loop.

Graphic 1

A review of the creation document shows the above concept describing the physical fabric. A spherical form where light speed is constant only on one layer of the universe where distance from Source is a constant. The layer we perceive our reality from above labeled Physical fabric perception layer and sets between the two layers creating our physical 3D perception and control function, appearing as 3D rectilinear space.

The only perception vectors that are visible are when the Control fabric vector is carrying them towards the physical perception layer. As they move away they become invisible and cross into the conscious fabrics of Astral and Mental planes.

The following diagram shows the full quadrature loop. We are the Light, that is, our perception is looking out from the light. Light photons can move between layers using these paths and energy can be steered into or out of any layer.

Graphic 2

The above diagram shows that outflow and inflow are not the same for Electron or Proton magnetic fields as the paths lead to different layers.

It was discovered that by building a RainMaker magnetic vortex generator ferrite yoke with no bismuth coil, and placing a Lakhovsky coil around it between the magnets a strong flow is attainable. After days of playing with this unit it was also realized that an outflow was not pleasant. [North out magnet pattern used]
Astral emotions were quickly manifesting around this unit and a negative depression was amplified. Once this was realized Love was projected into the unit and a wonderful clear lower vibration quickly manifested. The Iron ferrite alone was diverting energy from the control vectors into the physical reality directly from the Astral low density side of the physical fabric. The above model was conceived from this data and the next model represents the devices that were configured after the magnets were reversed for an Iron inflow.

Graphic 3

It was perceived that the above diagram configuration causes a direct mental plane access disconnecting from the Astral influence totally.
It would also suggest some measure of Proton control of the magnetic field energy emitted from the AG materials Copper Aluminum or Bismuth.

Devices were configured as follows:

Inflow device -  ferrite ring,  Neo stacks South out,   Lakhovsky coil - right hand unit
Outflow device - ferrite ring no coil, Neo stacks North out, Bismuth Aluminum coil weave wind powered with a function generator to match the other fields intensity - left hand unit

Setting between the two devices provided mental plane access and a contact was perceived with a higher being.
The image of four units operating in all possible configurations was imparted to create a complete loop of all flows through the operator setting in the center.
Astral / Electron devices set below Mental / Proton devices.


Graphic 4
The magnetic field loops the physical force vectors as well as the conscious vectors between astral and mental planes.
The true pattern is a clover leaf as observed in the first RainMaker magnetic vortex generator. These fields are normally balanced in a magnet.

The Protons magnetic field loops from the photons path from Source as it enters to our perception along the physical fabric.
The materials that provide access are Copper Aluminum and Bismuth, of which only Bismuth can produce a scalar field without being powered externally as its diamagnetic field moves external to the material.

The Electrons magnetic field loops from the photons path as it return from the Astral plane moving back to Source. The materials that provide access are Iron, Nickel and Cobalt. These are the materials that can be used for access because their magnetic fields are natural to the atoms and can be accessed externally to the materials.

The healing crystal Orbs are well suited for accessing the conscious planes because of the sideways magnet positions.

Scalar coils:

The scalar coils offer access to the crossing of energy 90 degrees to the normal flow of the control vectors which is probably the Neutron function in atoms.
Very simply, canceling a magnetic field around a control vector releasesthe energy locked into it's 90 degree fields. It can be steered with external magnets at 90 degrees into either inflow or outflow and energy will follow the control vector then turn 90 degrees. The 90 degree magnets alter the balance and cause a flow of energy through the scalar coils either inwards or outwards. This is the formula for predicting how a magnetic vortex device will function initially. Once a large coherent diamagnetic field is accessable by mind other manipulation is possible.

The necessary elements:

Proton magnetic materials:

Electron magnetic materials:

Steering magnets at 90 degrees - set inflow or outflow.
Northern hemisphere flow follows North pole out from magnet.
[Magnets are arranged on a ring, usually ferrite or soft iron pipe, such that one matching pole faces inwards on all the magnets and a compass moved about the ring shows no polar flips. This creates a compressing field inside that may only expand along vertical vectors, while the outer field may expand in the other two vectors when a vibration moves through the fields. One pole sits inside the ring and the other pole sets outside the ring.]

Scalar coils:
Placed on a Proton magnetic material will move energy between Proton and physical fabric.
North in will create inflow towards Astral plane.
South in will create outflow from Source side Proton to physical plane.

Placed on an Electron magnetic material will  move energy between Electron and physical fabric.
North in will create inflow into mental plane.
South in will create outflow from Astral side Electron to physical plane.

Coil types:

Lakhovsky coils
- cancel all magnetic fields whether shorted or opened, whether powered or not powered.
These coils are powerfully but can not be switched off. They must be removed from the device to shut them down.
They can be wrapped around the iron ferrite ring and also on the Aluminum Bismuth cores.
One of these on an Aluminum Bismuth core will produce a hot field even with no magnets or iron ring.
They have tight twists around twists. Construction details are found here.

Lakhovsky Scalar Coils

It is an art to make these so that they fit a certain diameter and much trial and error is involved in getting a good fit.

Smith Weave wind - these coils are well suited for small diameter cores and can be switched off - this is the coil used on the Aluminum Bismuth cores up to 1" diameter however the 3/4" diameter ones appear to be stronger. Wires run back and forth parallel and a circuit must be closed for them to function. To switch them off one must open the wires feeding them, shutting off a function generator still leaves a 50 ohm short on them and they will continue to work until a wire is opened. Construction details are found in the experiment section of this site.

Scalar Coil Experiments

Mobius wind coils -
Construction details are found here.

Little mountain smudge Mobius wind construction

It is assumed that these coils will be similar to the Lakhovsky coils only slightly weaker as there looping system is not fully canceling in all directions.
We have very good reports however and they are very neat tidy units. They are easier to fit because they avoid the crossover twist of the Lakhovsky coil.
 It is doubtful that switching them off will shut them down due to the many tight twists.

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