Binding Force Meter

Mach 1
Binding Force Meter

[Wilbert Smith]

Here is my design based on making all the lengths of the system resonant to Quartz Crystal Frequency. It was thought by vibrating up the system that the needle would move easier.

Torsion Meter

The Quartz Crystal Fractal length is 1.1475 cm. Any even multiple of this length will vibrate up easily near crystals.

MAch 1

Showing the completed Unit as I ended up constructing it for hanging on the wall rather then floor stand. Much simpler then I designed but still fully resonant.


The bottom with stretched spring and needles used for a guage movement.


Showing the fishing line stretched tightly to almost breaking tension, then clamped securely between the two washers.

The unit looks very nice hanging on my wall, and the needle has not moved since I built it. Probably indicating no nukes have been exploded on the earth near me or across from me on the far side either for a very long time.

The most interesting thing about this unit is not what it measures but the fact that I used a crystal resonant length system to design it on.
Just touching the active tube, or the base, one gets the sense of touching a crystal with all the vibrations already active.
I used this frequency so that if I wanted I could use crystals to energize it more strongly.

The other thing I realized about torsion nodes, is that where the nuclear vibrations are strongest the outer electron shells are at "still point." A node point is the perfect place to mount the tube.

Dave L
Kosol Core Tech Group