Interactive Lessons in Vibration Sensing

Lesson 5

[Prepared by David Lowrance  8 - 1 - 2021 for the highest good of all involved]
Activating a local Vibration Field on a device using a Mediator to the Field Fabric

Conditioning the space around a device, to draw in energy from the field fabric:

Mathematics is an exercise of the mind, it becomes easier the more we use it!

Two over Pi


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The first Self Sustaining Ratio I ever experienced.

In real life most objects are designed by engineers with no concept of the Field Fabric, and this is a good thing. However we may want to use commercially designed items in our builds, and still be able to activate them to draw in power from the Field Fabric directly.

Photo SSTubes

We set up a frequency around the device, such that the sum of the device frequency and the Mediator field around the device will equal a Field Fabric Source frequency.
The Mediator field couples the device into the Field Fabric and starts pulling energy into it, as a convergent field.

There is an advantage to using a Mediator field, in that if we use a take down frequency on the Mediator field, it will drop and disconnect the power from the device.

The other advantage is that when we set up a field in this way using calculation it comes up instantly.

To get accuracy on this concept, we have to first understand the geometric expansion of space with respect to the form we are working with, as a cylinder may use different calculation then a sphere, or a box, or a sheet. Some time spent with this document is in order to seek comprehension of how the three field forces are calculated differently.

The Law of Geometric Expansion

Block Diagram

We must form a mental model in our mind differentiating these different parameters.

Line       2x expansion of the field frequency on octaves

Area      4x expansion of the field frequency on octaves
Volume  8x expansion of the field frequency on octaves

As well how to convert the Source energy from the Field Fabric into the form we want to tap into.
We have an example of this in an experiment that was done on a commercial stainless steel container.

Note again we will reference the Space document to locate a Source field form to tap into that is circular. It also uses a pretty small one to keep the power level contained very near the outer dimensions of the can. However if one grasps the geometric expansion mental model well, one will realize all we have to do is expand the Source field side of this geometrically to increase the level of power entering our device. If we expand the diameter of circle by 2, the area frequency will expand by 4.

Note rather then using a SS caliper we could as easily use a scalar coil with F gen set to mm = khz to set up this Mediator field around the SS can.

Here is the experiment:

Caliper Injection of a Mediator Field

Note also in this document [ cm / 2.54 = inches ], and this will be something we end up memorizing to save time, as many items made in the USA use inches.

We are using circular area form from the background field to charge up an entire cylinder. We are not using a volumetric source field access. As the volume of a cylinder will change with the length of the tube but the diameter will not change. The circle will run down the tube to the end, forming a volume we do not need to calculate.

Spend some time with this calculation and be inventive in it's application. From here on, it will become a working system for more powerful devices. Take the time to fully understand this math, and you will soon be engineering devices that can draw energy directly from the Field Fabric of the universe. Seek comprehension. [ The Grey Protocols ]

When you have mastered these kind of calculations you will be able to exchange data with others, as well as define the Source of the energy of your system.

Geometric Expansion of the Field Forces

The Law of Geometric Expansion


We have now included some geometric calculations, with our sensing abilities to confirm the accuracy of our energy flow, from the Field Fabric into a device.

Note that at this point, EM meters have still been useless, and if we did not have our sensitivity to map the forms with fingers or palms we would be lost.

One should now be able to take a sphere, set up a Mediator field around it, and draw in energy from the field fabric on one of it's octaves. After which we calculate a TDF [ Take Down Frequency ], apply that frequency and take it back down, shutting off the power into the sphere.

Photo Rose Crystal Sphere

The Rose Crystal Sphere has a diameter of 74.57 mm.
Calculate a Mediator field, that will tap it into one of the Field Fabrics Source Vibration Octaves.
Give the result in both mm and khz.

And remember math is fun when it results in raising up a field bubble of energy around your device. Now calculate a Take Down Frequency to remove the field.

End Document

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