Interactive Lessons in Vibration Sensing

Lesson 4

[Prepared by David Lowrance  8 - 1 - 2021 for the highest good of all involved]

The Love of Creation and Manifesting Form

"We are handing you your reality" the 4th density Grey protocols.

Lesson 1 Gave us the Law of Distance and Frequency mm = khz

Lesson 2 Gave us an introduction to our own personal Emotional Reality and Healing Process
Lesson 3 Introduced us to Sliding Abilities, to accurately scan and record frequencies at distance using the CU field

Within this study it is sincerely hoped the student has now gained a Love for this creation and made a personal choice to align with creation over destruction, and is at least working to be granted access to the 4th density technology we are about to begin exploring, earning the trust of our own personal 4th density body, the Grey one, and removing the veil of deception.

"To Love mankind and our species over the safety or the fears of the self." We must have control of our experiments, that we do no damage to others or the existing world technology.

We are now ready to take a giant leap forwards into the creation of form, using both our personal conscious field, and apparatus of technical experiment. All energy and matter originates in the Vibratory Field of the "Field Fabric" that fills this universe.  Diagrammed below is a platform for testing manifestations from the Field Fabric, using distance tuning between two brass rods of 3 mm diameter. It can be used to pull up spheres or cones.

Diagram Platform 2b

We might now think of this as the college level point of entry, and some math and geometry will be involved, added to our now opened sensory channels. There will be new comprehensions experienced that will exceed mankind's current scientific understanding, but we must not throw out current science, instead we use it with greater depth of our sensory abilities added, and a personal curiosity as motivation to move forwards. We experience the experiments personally, as the creator does.

Suggested Reading:

Wilbert Smiths "The New Science"
The hierarchy of creation must be learned that one can avoid the pitfalls of wrong paths of thought.

The Basics of NMR
A shallow understanding of the conical motions of Isotope functionality is essential to the advanced powering work.

Neither of these sources of information will be mastered on the first read through, but they may be a reference as progress is made in comprehension of how the universe manifests matter and the 3 field forces.

With the expansion of the personal awareness, the comprehension will come much faster.
These will become the reference material for most of the next level of Lessons.
Take your time, and see how much you can pick up as we proceed to explore the 4th density creation process.

When the student develops correct mental models of the reality, their experiments will begin to work.
A failed experiment can teach as well as a successful one, learn to keep track of everything that was done in sequence.

Everything that exists is a result of consciousness operating on the Field Fabric to achieve a self sustaining form of fields interacting with one another in perpetual motion, powered from the Field Fabric. Atoms do not wind down, they continue to self restore both frequency and form repeatedly no matter what we throw at them short of a nuclear explosion, or what we learn to draw from them.

Most of the difficulties experienced from here on will refer back to lessons 1 through 3, but from here on, all will be used. Truth builds on a structure with a solid platform at each level, just as the universe operates.

Creating a sphere of energy from the Field Fabric

We have two method to proceed with this experiment. In the method of an advanced being, we would scan across the head in the horizontal line through the center of mass of the head. Reaching out now to extend this diameter in both directions equally, we ask to locate a fractal that will produce a spherical field around our body. As we then reach out we may see it already waiting there, or we may simply expand the line until we hit it. We will then feel the universe power up the entire sphere around our body, and set there in amazement that the universe does this for us.

We could then take a fractal measurement of this spheres diameter, in various ways. With a caliper we can find a smaller fractal of it, as we scan, using the caliper we will hit a resonance of this energy that will likely be a division of 1/2 the diameter, 1/4, 1/8...etc.   39.42 mm is my first try. Set your caliper and see if you can trace out the spherical form inside the gap with a finger. Not too impressive but it worked on my first try.

Next we can follow the path of science, and come up with a length that will work, as we may have not yet perfected the ability to manifest with only our mental powers and feel felt means as accurately as we might want.

Producing a spherical manifestation using science and the Source Field frequency set.

Diagram of a Sphere

We access the source field at multiples of it's lower frequency appearance. 333 khz
The calculations from this document are almost correct, the heading is The Quantum Sphere down the page.


Where we find the diameter of the sphere to be 715.96 mm

We now have to reduce this to set it up on our caliper for testing, or on the platform 2b diagrammed above.
715.96 / 8 =  89.495 mm  [diameter of sphere]

In the space document we divided by powers of 10, and the result there is much weaker for safety purpose. Geometric reduction of a volume is a 2x factor for diameter, an 8x factor for volume, and we can do it 3 times as I did above, to preserve the power of the field.

Set up your calipers to 89.50 mm and see if you can feel the sphere form inside the gap and extending outwards all around the calipers. It is rather impressive in the platform 2b device.

Now with the calipers setting next to you, extend the palms to your front with cupped hands and move them in and out to hit this fractal, and the sphere will manifest inside the volume created in the space between your hands.

The energy of this form is now being manifest by the Field Fabric, from a template of creation on the 4th density via your 4th density body [astral body]. We have now stepped inside the experiment and are a participant in creation of a field.

Open your hands and close the calipers to shut this field down.

It is hoped that one will realize this power does not come from our personal energy, but is a gift of the Field Fabric, and offers us more back then it takes to activate it.

If this field does not fully release, we use the 1/9 fraction to take it down fully.
1/9 of the volume, is (1/cube root of 9) * 89.495 mm and comes out to 43.0247 mm diameter.

Any residual tension in the head from focusing on this, may be released using a magnet at both sides of the back of the spine where it meets the skull. Other wise it should drop away when we remove our focus from it.

Now using the hands on both sides of the head, bring them out and in until you find one that feels really good!
Ask for one that feels oh so good. This should balance both hemispheres of the brain and bring you to a state of peace. You may now be able to recognize spherical field bubbles when you encounter them in your work.

We can also extract them from the mass value as AW [atomic weight] of an atom using planks conversion factor.
Geometric Expansion of Atomic Weight Fractals

The advanced races will create a sphere, connect with it consciously, and can send it out as a probe, through which they can see out in all directions from wherever it is positioned. They experience a conscious overlap, seeing in two locations simultaneously, where they are locally and where the remote sphere is located.

This may become visible to us if it generates light in our visible spectrum as it moves through the density levels.

Work with spheres is probably the most interesting part of this exploration into how consciousness works.
I have been able to make small spheres and move them around with my mind. Set them in a position, and come back weeks later, stick a finger through them and they are still there. Move them back down to the desk and take the field down using the 1/9 x protocol. 2 SS calipers was all I used, to set up two concentric spheres with a sqrt 2 ratio between their two diameters.

As the techniques of Lesson 1 develop we can feel these around us in space, just as we can feel crystals without touching them, and with the techniques of spherical consciousness, we can find them anywhere we scan.

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