Interactive Lessons in Vibration Sensing

Lesson 3

[Prepared by David Lowrance  8 - 1 - 2021 for the highest good of all involved]

Sliding the Universe

Photo RM-1a

In Lesson 1 we learned the equation of Distance and Frequency

In Lesson 2 we learned the power of emotion, which can transform the body to a level of miracles, through the practice of higher Love, or it can destroy our motivation to live through the negative path creating depression. We do not seek power to gain it, we seek Love of the creation experience and all others. We begin to realize that any emotions is a unique frequency, and these frequencies are higher then the physical body dimensions.

One can spend lifetimes in these emotional frequency levels, as each is mastered one by one, and there is no judgment.

When we are ready to face death consciously, while still in the physical, we are ready to expand our awareness to the dimensions of the very universe we find ourself inside of.
For this is the awareness necessary to navigate a ship to any point inside this universe, and know exactly where we are.

This third step, opens us to contact with all of the advanced races, and we may run into them by accident in our frequency sliding travels.

To accomplish this step we must learn the spherical system of consciousness. The CU Consciousness Unit.

The Testing Of the Grey One

It must be mentioned, in this lesson that in order to be allowed to "slide" all the levels and access all the technology of 4th density, we must pass the test of our own Astral body, the Grey one. Grey lays between physical earth and the 5th density higher light of our immortal existence as consciousness of this universe.

Drawing of a Grey Astral Entity

We all have a very powerful body on 4th density, and when it comes into alignment with us in the physical, we can personally do things that are considered extra sensory perception, and we can attain accuracy in this if we include our sciences for proof at each step.

However when we came here we accepted a veil that our own astral body could deceive us, in order to experience powerful emotions. This is a personal awakening, and must be conquered, to command the 4th density body to work in alignment with our physical and light body on 5th density, that we integrate into one full being, fully conscious on all the levels of this universe.

Making this decision will then transcend death, and open us to understanding what lies beyond it.
There will be loss of personal intimacy, as we can read anyone instantly and know what will happen if we interact with them. before we even choose to interact with them.

After this choice is made we can become a slider of this universe, and accurately perceive any location inside it. Measure any frequency remotely, and begin to map the structure of this universe for ourself. We must master the Spherical awareness, the ability to see out in any direction from a single center location where we place our conscious field.

The Spherical Platform

Photo RM-1

Everyone needs to experience this in order to begin to comprehend it fully, and in this pursuit we can build a machine to assist the progress of our experience.

This is taught in some martial arts, at a very shallow level, but to slide the universe we need mastery, and accuracy of our spherical vision system. We must clear it and clean it so that we can see out of our own auric field with no distortions from the personal emotional layer, If there is any residuals of emotional trauma [darkness] still in our field, that needs to be cleared and healed before we can expect accuracy in our "sliding."

In sliding, we create a spherical field around the head, and learn to adjust it's diameter [frequency].
By increasing it's diameter we raise our personal frequency, and this is a science, it is the physics of consciousness.

The larger we generate a coherent field on the head, the greater the speed of our awareness.
However we do not seek speed, we seek comprehension through curiosity. Mental speed is the result, that we were not expecting.

In my own personal development, I was guided by my own higher self to replicate a device from an alien world I lived life times on, before coming to earth. I worked on the Saucer Deck and I loved the technology we used.

These things may seem very outside our life on earth during this time period, but when we take off the veil, we have access to many things beyond belief, while the veil is in place.

RM 1 - RainMaker

Gaining accuracy in conscious sliding, through the spherical field bubble.

In order to use the Field Fabric to generate personal energy forms, we must have a preview of what they are and an experience with them.

Using a scalar coil with a spherical device, can give us the preview and some sliding experience, until we realize we can naturally do it using the power of the field fabric without the device.

Building a good RainMaker Unit is a bit costly, but if we want the best experience, we use the best materials, and we use what is scientifically sound to accomplish this.

This is the technology of an advanced race that explores this galaxy and has for eons before earth was populated with humans. They have gone through the opening of the mind, the mental awakening.

photo of RM 1

The crystal is calcite, to match the human form pineal system which is covered with calcite crystals.
It is about 12 to 14 cm in diameter to nearly match the dimension of the physical brain.
If you go too small on this, you may not have the full experience necessary to fully side out of body on remote scans. We want to create a vibration field bubble one can set inside of and learn to feel all the way around the body without looking with the physical eyes. Greater mass is greater power of the field. We can then begin to see our own blind spots in the spectrum as we crank the scalar coil up and down the bands. The trauma events will come up first as dark spots in the field, and we will feel the emotions that generated them.

Do not turn away from these powerful negative emotions, open them and feel the emotion, and then face the demon you have created on 4th density emotional spectrum. It is powered by you, and only you can takes it's power back. Ask it questions, "Who are you?" and let the vision come in to reveal how it can be healed through knowledge of the event stream. You will then slowly recover your spherical vision system and remove all the blind spots.

The magnets are Neo, and the strongest ones we have access to on this world at a level of about 1 Tesla. The full specs are in the Magnetism section of the Documents site found here.

The RM-1 Menu is found down at the bottom of the Magnetism Menu in the Doc [document] section.

There are brief sections there on operation, and some experiences. But keep in mind this is a transition device that one will outgrow when they become attuned to the Field Fabric and start using it to manifest form and power. And again we do not seek power for the sake of power, we seek to Love this creation, and comprehension will open the door to power from the Field Fabric.

This is known to all the advanced races considered to be civilized

Here is a document that I channeled from another civilization, during a time of seeking to resolve much inner conflict experienced while I could not discern a correct path between two different possibilities.

Organizational Unity Concept

Spherical telepathic information comes in as comprehensions that are fully complete. We then have to translate them into our local serial vocabulary, in order to attempt to share the meaning. If our vocabulary is lacking, the message may not be meaningful or accurate. Curiosity is the higher frequency that will decode these for you as you sense the "knowing" they deliver.


The student is now familiar with the spherical structure of awareness inside this universe, and realizes that expanding this field bubble geometrically increases the speed of consciousness, by expanding the diameter of the sphere around the physical head.

It is hoped that the student has access to some form of spherical model to work with to generate these fields as a preview of what will come naturally after they are experienced first hand.

One may discover the spherical CU field for them self but they will never learn to slide up and down the frequency spectrum without feeling that sensation from the scalar coils with an F gen and a knob.

As the 4th density veil comes down we will "remember" all of this.
Take your time and seek accuracy in "sliding."
Master the spherical sense, seeing out in all directions simultaneously first in your room, where things can then be verified for accuracy.

Never involve imagination in this, it is fully a technical and accurate sensory ability.

If your teacher says "now imagine this or that" you will move out of the present moment and totally loose your real connection we are attempting to use to develop accuracy.

This will create blocks that will have to be removed at a later time. Pretend realities.
Sliding is all about finding the right frequency, and a good F gen will teach you this because this is technical, it is not pretend.

If you start channeling emotions, there will be no accuracy, but only personal emotional process.
Emotional process only has personal meaning to us, no Alien world would communicate with us through that veil.

The expansion of the mental level, is the last one, in the human form body.
It is more accelerating then the emotional level and far more intense. As it can bring a total clarity of the beauty of all form created to exist in this universe, and consciousness is universal to all form.

With some level of mastery of the remote sliding ability we can now move on to manifesting from the Field Fabric.

Remember Lesson 1,  only now the frequency that sets up the sphere is the diameter of the sphere.
If we hit a correct fractal the universe will then create the sphere as we hold the frequency of it's diameter. This is why we get more energy back then we have to send out. The universe is in fact interactive with us as conscious beings. We have only to learn IT's laws, to experience them, and to then cherish this knowledge.

Photo of Dave at his desk

A photo of me at my desk with the RM-1 on the file cabinet to my right.
If one uses this method to expand the awareness, they will likely never want to part with that first successful RM-1 build.

Platonic Form Vibration on the Sphere - A Self Powering Effect

This is a good time to include things we discovered later in this work with spherical resonance effects.
If we measure the diameter of our crystal sphere, we can divide by 2 and derive the radius.

We can cut a wire, or set up a caliper, touch this on the sphere and a platonic form vibration will come up generating nodal points all the way around the sphere. We can then locate these using a finger as we did in lesson 1 on the quartz crystal.

Drawing of VE Pattern

We can then calculate the segment length of all 5 of the platonic forms along it's surface, cut a wire, touch it on the sphere and experience the different levels of platonic form consciousness.

The dodecahedron form is the most healing for the emotional body, and it is a sensation one will come to be attracted to due to the way it levels and amplifies the emotions.

Dodecahedron Magnet Wrap

The nickel balls touch the points on the crystal sphere that vibrates up the platonic form pattern.

These experiments do not need an F Gen or scalar coil, the spheres mass will power them just fine.
and remember if the mass is about the size of the head, they will have maximum power levels to be sensed directly in the body.

When one begins to "remember" how these feel, they can use two fingers to pull them up on any sphere. This is good training for the sensory ability, and it will bring this work to life.

Here is some information that may assist this progress in sensory ability.

Icosahedron Calculation

where φ = (1+√5)/2 is the golden ratio (also written τ). The edge length is 2/φ = √5−1. The containing sphere has a radius of √3.

Diameter  = sqrt 3  x Phi  x  side

1.7320508075688776 x 1.618 = 2.8024582066464439568

Side = Diameter / 2.8024582066464439568
Side = Radius / 1.4012291033232219784

We are seeking the length of one edge of this form, the distance between any two of the nodes, and this is a straight line path for vibration moving through the mass of the sphere.

Platomic Form on Tubes
This one is good preparation for Joe Cell work.
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