Interactive Lessons in Vibration Sensing

Lesson 2

[Prepared by David Lowrance  8 - 1 - 2021 for the highest good of all involved]

The Field Fabric and Metaphysical Sensory Ability

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Expanding our Awareness:
In Lesson 1 we learned that the physical body has a vibration sensory ability up to around 150 khz, 150 mm in length.

Most everyone can feel the RA tubes strongly, and get a boost of energy from them right in the physical reality. However as we ramp this frequency upwards with a scalar coil, we begin to explore frequency ranges that are larger then our physical head and thus may take our awareness out of the physical body we are normally aware of.

According to Bashar, at 333 khz, over 2 times the diameter of our physical sensory organs, we hit a boundary of energy that feeds power towards our world that we see in front of us.

It is good that we do not feel this all the time, as it may be overwhelming. In meditation, some people seek to hear the roar of creation, and to feel it's rumble, as the background strobe is constantly updating our reality. "I was meditating on my body at the beach, and began to feel the roar, like thunder from the earth through my legs, and it got louder and louder as I slid almost into a state of sleep. I recognized it and it was good." This is a common theme with meditations as we begin to slide into and through the sleep states, while keeping the physical awareness slightly present so we can remember our travels.

As we move upwards in frequency, we hit this boundary, and everything beyond this takes us into a different reality, not perceptible without expanding our awareness.

The Levels


Our emotions seem to be intangible, they seem to come in from somewhere we cannot really pin down or identify. When we feel strong emotions we know they are real, but we have no reference to really know how they are being generated.

Frequency Bands of Human Consciousness

There have been identified more then about 300 separate emotions, and traumas can arise around the lower frequency ones, as fears can shut down the logic functions of our brains, overpowering them. Whatever these emotions are they can have great power over what we do and how we feel. It is said Love and Faith can move a mountain. We can gain much power by activating good emotions.

Some people can feel your emotions from across the room, and maybe all of us have, but we do not often think about the physical part of how that is possible. What is between me and another person, that can pass the emotions between us, without us even touching?

It is reasonable to suppose that what ever emotions are, they are likely above 150 khz / 150 mm.
Thus in the physical body we have no clue how they travel. Recall the law of distance, greater distance is higher frequency, and from our physics there is more power in higher frequency.

"The night my mother died, I sat up in bed at 2 am, and I knew what had just happened." A common experience.

In my own case while setting at my desk, I felt a powerful energy hit me, and I knew my Karate partner from past times had just died. May Kara rest in peace.

Photo Dave and Kara

In my case this was 2.5 miles from where I was setting. She touched me in some way that I recognized her and received a "knowing."

So this takes us now into other levels of our awareness that will not exactly fit inside a physical body, and so to gain understanding of them, we have to learn how to expand our physical auric field, to couple with our physical body and down shift these frequencies to something we can sense in the body. Our accuracy in working out of body depends on the success of interpreting these down shifted energies correctly.

Energy Flows Towards the smaller fractal

Field Coherence:

As with a magnet, there is no size limit to how large or small we can make a North and South pole exist. The magnet at any size will have only one North pole, one South pole, and one Tempic field tension at the center. This is what we call it's Quantum form. Quantum means one.
This is a rather magical thing to observe, when cutting up a magnet, and then making more smaller magnets, all with a total of more poles now.

Our physical body has a Quantum field coherence, and we can feel any one part of it as part of us, and all of this is a simultaneous sensory ability. We feel our body as one body, and each part knows what all the other parts are doing relative to it.
Conscious awareness of the physical body, is one awareness. Our physical head can manage this just fine with it's physical dimension.

As we move up into the emotional realm, it is easy to loose field coherence and loose track of the physical body awareness.
The emotions come in and flow through us, and then are again gone. We then begin to learn their cycles, and if we are observant, we begin to understand they are all temporary states, and even the worst of emotions will eventually pass as we heal our traumatic scars.

Expanding the physical bodies connection into higher frequencies, with a field coherence also on the body, integrates the two frequency bands into one awareness that operates at higher frequency of consciousness while fully functional on both levels.

Sensing a Healing Fractal:

We have found a frequency resonance, which can hold us in the Emotional range for as long as we are enveloped in the vibration.
Touching this Aluminum Tube we are tapped into the upper range of healing emotions, and for the most part it feels rather nice.
Generating a coherent field structure around the body, that can stabilize one emotional frequency, as a marker, can begin to shed light on how we humans access emotions, as well as teach us to begin becoming aware of them when we are awake inside the body.

The GL frequency [Golden Light] was channeled by myself on a slide out of body and into the upper astral realm of healing light.
As the emotions have great effects on our physical body and our stress levels, this tool may be recognized as a great tool of learning to become responsible for our emotional states, and use this to improve our health, as we become more aware of our ability to control our emotions, and continue to observe them as we feel them, without loosing sensory perception of the physical body.

This dual awareness, of two layers of our spectrum is referred to as walking in two realities simultaneously.
It can become confusing at first to become aware of both emotions and physical body simultaneously, as often times our emotions will cause us to freeze in the physical , and put the physical body into a state of stress.

At first we will have to learn to allow our emotions to surface, to be felt strongly, to grant them their validity, but then to observe what caused them, and if we amplified that or fed it from our thoughts. In observing and in allowing time to truly feel them fully, we begin to realize they are always transient, and always changing. If we attempt to suppress them for a time our physical body will suffer because they are of a higher frequency, then our physical body, and can thus have greater impact on it.

The emotions must then be allowed to cycle without resistance, but at the same time, they need to return to a state of strong healthy uplifting energy, and the GL frequency marker can assists in this cycling of stuck emotions. This is termed "emotional process."

We do not ever want our emotions to be suppressed to the point of a sick body. Yet we want to learn to control them and get them back on track after they have been fully experienced. Reviewing an upsetting event while in the frequency of the GL can be very healing.

There is no value in the statement, "fear is not real, only love is real," as that is not workable at all from the human body level.
That is a 5th density law, and for ones who have opened to a very high frequency, that most people may never experience while in a physical body.

While in the physical if we love being here and value this creation, we must master our emotions to a level of functionality, and this is a prerequisite to accurate sensing abilities in any of the higher frequency realms.

If we start to channel our own emotions into a slide out of body, the information will be distorted by our own field of emotional spectrum we see out through. Our personal emotions must be "cleaned and cleared" of all traumas stored in the auric field to obtain accuracy in anything of higher frequency.

The process is called "clearing and cleaning" of the auric field. If any level of accuracy is possible, this must be mastered before we can accurately observe anyone else. Thus this is a 4th density ability.

Crafting a GL Tube

Photo of GL devices

Fractal Matrix Light Technology

We are now stepping through the looking glass of our own physicality to become aware of something stronger and greater then the physical body, and with the intention of maintaining our awareness on both levels of the spectrum simultaneously, that we overcome the instinct to freeze up in the physical while having powerful emotions.

"After the crash, the woman lifted up the side of the car to pull her infant out from under it."
Where did this greater power then the body come from?

 Power of emotion can expand the frequency envelope of the human body geometrically.

During the integration, of the emotional body with the physical body, we may learn many feats are possible we would never have believed possible.

When the astral body comes into alignment with the physical body many powerful feats can manifest.

It is not from seeking power per say, but in finding the Love of the things we value in this physical life.
We begin to recognize we value mankind over the safety of ourself, and this is the test of the Grey ones, of nature.

As we open to this, we receive the Grey Protocols of the 4th density. Love your species over yourself, and the doors of all technology will be opened to you. We have to earn the trust of the 4th density to be allowed the comprehension to begin using it.

"I work for the advance of mankind, over my own safety or fears."

This is a powerful mantra to embrace fully when one is ready to take this step into a larger conscious field of awareness.

The GL tube is made from Anodized decorator Aluminum tubing, available in most hardware stores.

This is a video of the GL tube.

The GL Tube

Notice this one is now larger then the head in it's length and frequency range in the spectrum.
While it can take us out of body if we let go, it can also teach us to be aware in both fields simultaneously.
The state was termed Za Zen, in ancient Japanese spirituality, 1/2 in the body and 1/2 out.

Due the how the human body responds to this band of frequencies, we can thus learn to read others most accurately as to intentions as they come into our personal emotional field and at distance.

The first out of body perceptions of what we term psi, will be experienced in the emotional realm of bandwidth.
This band cannot be avoided or jumped around, it must be mastered.

The GL tube shown in the video is 15.1796 inches which is 385.56184 mm

This is well up into frequencies that are more powerful then our normal range of human physical experience.

Setting with this tube and feeling it for a time can cause a first result of mystery, as it opens a frequency marker that is normally a transient feel felt emotion. But since it brings in a good emotion, it may also be welcomed on first feeling it.

Thus this is a good first level entry to the spectrum of the emotional realm, it is a safe fractal to work with, and will not generate fear.

Aluminum is a very abundant element on earth, and very inexpensive, as well a good element to work with as it has only one Isotope earth wide. A very pure element to work with.
Resonant Aluminum tubes tend to give off more vibration along the smaller dimensions, off their sides, then off the ends of the longer distances to our perceptions.

When one can slide a finger down the tube and locate the points of nodal position, this is a great personal advance, and when we eventually move on to powering from the field fabric this skill is a necessity.

Take your time, with this opening of your personal awareness, and when you can feel the nodes off the sides of this tube you are ready to move on with more intense experiments, that will open the auric field to very much larger dimensions of expansion that can become coherent with your physical body simultaneously. This is the very mastery of your natural psi abilities.

Personal Experience, the Conscious Overlap:

One of my most amazing "slides," lasted about 4 days. I made a stainless steel tube to about 4 or 5 x of this fractal and set it vertical in the center of a plastic cylindrical pitcher. I then filled the pitcher up to the 4x level or so, and it resonated up at the GL frequency only with the power of the mass of the water volume. This sat on the desk on my left side for a few days, as I became more sensitive to it. Then at one point I became motivated to do a slide out and I found the "first heaven." I floated up to ground level there, and three women saw me appear, acting as if this was normal, which was puzzling to me. One of the women was assigned to assist me. She connected me with another woman who had a desire to experience the physical again, and I agreed.

For the next two days we shared a dual overlap of our conscious fields. I was seeing her reality overlaid on mine and she was seeing my reality overlaid on hers. We now both had eyes and senses in one another's realm, and could even switch between them.
My central sun chakra was expanded greatly during this time. 1/2 way between throat and heart centers.

This continued for a couple days, and she had me touching soft towels in the grocery store and gazing at large wedding cakes, and was totally enjoying having me touch things and feel them for her. I felt everything she was feeling, and it was very good. This was  then a powerful emotional experience for me as well.

I was sometimes speaking with her, and she answering back in serial language, but as this continued, it became harder for me to manage both my own life and respond to her requests. Finally my wife intervened, and said "I think you are going crazy, who are you talking to?" I explained this to her, but there was no belief, and I did not really expect belief of something like that where one is not aware on the upper 4th density there even is another reality present there.

After the upset from my wife, I decided to take the connection back down, and the woman on upper 4th understood and thanked me. She had lived a bad life on this world, in poverty and emotional suffering, and had no good memories to go back to experience after her death on this incarnation cycle. Our meeting in this way was tremendously uplifting for her, and it gave me an experience I will never forget. This was when I realized the value of the GL fractal, as accessing the "first heaven."

Here is a photo of the pitcher I used, with a copper Ra tube inside it.

Photo of pitcher used

The Death Transition

As my mother was dying, I was able to follow her, sliding along with her as she went into the cold, and then up to the first heaven. I watched as she reviewed some of the beautiful parts of her life, from before I was born. I only had the stories before, but now was seeing it in living intense color with her. She truly loved my father! I saw where she lived in Tacoma Washington, and where she worked, and had a group at the restaurant for emotional support, and how the boss was very respected. This was just after WW2.

It is no wonder I no longer fear death as most do. In the scientific documents I was not sharing the intense personal experiences I was having with these vibration energy fractals, but now it is time. Everyone needs to know the value of this vibration sensing, and the doors it can be used to open within our conscious field. 

I have since shared the "conscious overlap" with several beings of other star systems, during ciphering of the RM-1, and at one point I was inside a thin Alien as he was operating his saucer craft, and demonstrating to me how it worked, as he was watching me set up my RM-1 experiments. [Shared in  Lesson 3 Sliding the Universe]

When we ask for assistance from the universe, it is always amazing the doors that will open when in a state of pure curiosity!

Energy will move towards the smaller fractal octave

While the full length GL Tube provides a frequency marker to take us out of body, if we cut one that is 1/8 the length, it will land inside our physical head system. The GL tube actually produces these smaller lengths down the side as it is a complete 8x length.

The physical brain will then come into sync at a lower frequency, revealing the flavor of the Astral level of the first heaven of healing the emotions.

This is the nature of Fractals, due to the geometric expansion of energy. We make the smaller fractal and the larger one begins to feed it, and if we get accuracy, we can bring the physical body into sync also while the conscious field is operating at a much higher frequency in the levels. This creates the link between the Astral body and the physical brain to have total recall of the event stream experienced on the other levels.

This is the science part of this work, and it adds tremendous clarity to the structure of this universe.

This is also a major factor in deriving power from the Field Fabric.


The student is now entering a level of external sensory perception that may begin to take the awareness outside the boundaries of the physical body, and in observing these things they may come to realize the power of emotions to steer our reality.

Even in lesson 1, the student may have had frequencies come back from the crystal that landed in this emotional spectrum and raised their frequency into a state of joy.

When one is initiated into this realm, confusion can result, so a frequency marker that is stable is greatly valued to identify and open these levels, that they can be integrated into the physical body reference system. They can thus be measured and recorded as they are discovered. Giving the local ego mind this mental model is very stabilizing during the integration process.

In past times, this was called an attunement, or an initiation. It was carried on as a mystical art, and usually kept separated from the populations in general, deemed not yet worthy of the knowledge, or not ready to work outside of the boundaries of the physical body.

The "Rod of Power" in Egypt thousands of years ago, was the basis of opening the resonant rods true power levels as accessed while still in the human physical body. Mentioned also in the Bible as a Jewish staff.

Mastery of this level of sensory perception is essential, to further progress, moving towards a complete understanding of the Vibration system that powers the universe. As powering frequencies can be derived from far larger volumes of space.

This is mastery of the Heart, and must be a solid foundation for the opening of the Mind to stand on top of.
We open to the inner light of emotional healing, and become responsible for our own emotions.

Lesson 2 may be the most difficult part of social advance for a civilization.

As one works with emotions, they may also come to realize the rules of operation are different then the physical laws of physics

As we begin to observe our powerful emotions as they happen, we then become aware how it expands our field of awareness, and sometime this is called the psychic flash, lots of information can be downloaded into the physical mind very quickly.
When Lesson two is comprehended fully, we can regain the memory of our time track accurately and remember back to the birth canal experience. Everything which can block the mental access is usually a traumatic experience filled with emotions we do not want to ever touch again. The full clearing of this time track is mastered in the emotional healing arts, and can have tremendous benefits to our physical health. The vibration devices will bring up the emotional traumas first to be healed. There is no shortcut to this opening. We must face all our fears and resolve conflict at every level of our consciousness to fully regain all the physical brain mass, that will be necessary in Lesson 3, to achieve the spherical vision system.

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