Interactive Lessons in Vibration Sensing

Lesson 1

[Prepared by David Lowrance  8 - 1 - 2021 for the highest good of all involved]

Learning the Law of Distance

One method of becoming sensitive to quartz crystals is to shoot your most powerful emotions into one of them, and see what comes back!

Frequency Bands of Human Consciousness

Photo of Crystals

These are a set of finely shaped quartz crystals I ordered from amazon.
Note the dark one second from the left is tapered, wider at the bottom, as are a few others there.

The law of energy from the background field, distance is frequency.
Greater distance is higher frequency. mm = khz

Now the "field fabric" is the source of all vibration but how do we prove that to our self?
There are two aspects of scanning frequencies using a crystal.
We want to locate the points of distance that bring in energy from the field fabric, and not our personal power.

However to feel and sense this energy, we have to open our body to it using our personal focus.
We have to meet the crystal half way, with our feel felt senses, and it's Source energy.

One can rub the hands and fingers together. Then make fists very tight, and as you quickly relax them again feel the vibration of relaxation and keep it alive by focusing on how it feels.

The tapered crystal is perfect for learning to distance tune and to feel the difference between pushing the river and just feeling what is already there.

With one finger on each side of the tapered surfaces, we sensitize our fingers on the ends, and then slowly slide them down the crystal towards the wider end, feeling for it to hit a resonance we can feel, that is not our energy, but it's energy.

It is most important to realize, the crystals energy does not have to come from us, and to avoid overwhelming it with our personal energy in order to tell the difference.

We slide down the sides of the crystal taper and as with a cone, we hit points that vibrate up, and the frequency of the vibration is mm = khz, the distance between our two fingers. When we find a correct point along the crystal it will power up a resonant vibration for us.

Photo caliper measurement

We can take a caliper and measure the width of the crystal at that point in mm, and determine the frequency in khz that we can use a scalar coil and function generator to vibrate it up with also.
For that matter we can wind a small scalar coil on that crystal and activate the frequency using the F gen.
This will prove to the student, the mm = khz formula is accurate.

We can now also touch the caliper on the crystal anywhere and bring up the vibration on it.
Lastly we can also cut a wire that length and touch it on the crystal to bring up the vibration.

Developing this sensitivity, may take some time, but a small crystal is a very cheap beginning tool, and it can pay off big time, if we learn our lesson well. Distance tuning is the beginning point of accurate measurement of frequency.

With accurate measurement of frequency, we can involve science in our sensory development, and learn to compare with one another what these different frequencies do for the human body and the human consciousness.

One of the major advantages here is with this development, we can access a chart made by a seasoned healer and use the same frequencies on our-self.

Bio Field Resonance

One can also play with random crystals when they have this sense opened, and gain insights on more complex feel felt forms that will effect us both emotionally and mentally. Forms of energy too complex to involve mathematics, but can be installed in other crystals as well, our prized healing crystals can be duplicated.

Quartz Crystal Programming Menu

A mental model in the ego mind, may open or close this ability to accurately feel "what is."
The mind is the on off switch, intention and targeting is the program.

Amplifying a Vibration using greater Mass

Mass Vibration is self powering, we can use that to amplify it. There is greater power in greater mass.

One could wrap a tuned wire around a point on a tapered crystal where they feel it self powering, and run that wire to a specific point on a car, and if the distance tuning is accurate the entire car will vibrate up adding power to the vibration.

We can take that resonant distance and multiply it by any prime number to make the wire longer and it will have the exact same frequency running all down it, that the crystal vibrates up at when they are touched together.

I slide the resonant element along the metals of the car anywhere on the body, and points will be found, that cause the entire mass of the car to vibrate in sync, and this only requires understanding of distance tuning technique.

In fact the way the car handles on turns and on acceleration may be effected when the entire car is mass resonant.
How could we know a small quartz crystal and a wire could release that much power if tuned using distance?

Notes on dealing with personal blocks

All the changes are inside us.

As with martial arts and learning to move fast, all the changes necessary are inside us.
Others can move fast, and others can feel quartz crystals, and the only difference is found inside us.

Photo Karate Bo Staff

If we find ourselves, setting there with a quartz crystal  and feeling nothing, and asking our mind, how is this even possible, what are they talking about, then we are at the right starting point. That is where I was with my first one, a gift from a friend.

The theories sounded good to me but there was no personal evidence to support them.
By this time however I could tell where my hands were without looking and nearly instantly move them to another position with pretty good accuracy, not overshooting, and not stopping short.

What I was doing with my body, limiting it to the boundary of my body, that limit was only in my ego mind.
My belief system had to change to even attempt to feel a crystal. To tunnel my own consciousness down inside it and feel what it feels, and not what I assume it feels.

The steps of opening are each different, with new boundaries at each one.
At first I had to touch the crystal, and extend myself into it to some degree, then energy would come back through that same path that was not mine.

As the sensitivity is practiced, I no longer had to touch the crystal to tunnel into it, and feel it's frequencies coming back at me. And at some point I realized I was actually feeling it inside the head, and not in the hands anymore.

That is the natural progression of opening the pineal sense. It does not use imagination, it is about learning to feel "what is." Contrary to some belief systems the pineal is covered with tiny calcite crystals and does not need to be de calcified which would render it useless for vibration sensing work.

Today I set here and scan down the crystal using only my head to slide the spectrum and the crystal vibrates up just the same, which I can then confirm with a touch.

And with only about three steps, we have advanced from Jin Shin Do acupressure, to Reiki healing at distance, and proven to ourselves that it works.

The proof however should be first done locally, before trusting it to work at great distances.

This is how far advanced one can go using only a single crystal and their own body mind.
The development is all inside us, and that is where the changes must happen.

We can begin to ask our-self what is my block, bring me the solution to remove that block.

Then notice what happens in your life after asking that.

The RA Fractal

The dimension of the brain is approximately 140 to 150 mm including the bones of the skull which are also vibration sensitive. Extending the range of our immediate sensing ability, to about 150 khz without becoming aware of the outer auric field.

The Ra fractal is a good marker to get us back in the body, a copper tube cut to 150 mm will usually do this for most people. This is a very special length that will vibrate up on it's own.

In this kind of work it is good to have a way to become stabilized in the body again, if we happen to slide out of body without understanding what is happening and get disoriented. I had this happen, and did not have the Ra tube as of yet, and it took a couple days to get back grounded in my body.

If the emotional body is going through traumas, a Ra tube may be useful to get a person functional back in the body for a time if they need to be functional.

The Ra tube is a physical body resonant marker that will power itself.

It is a good starting point for a first resonant fractal, and does not require sliding out of body into the emotional or astral realms to feel it. This video may be useful in making one for yourself.

Building a RA Tube

After one becomes sensitive to the RA frequency, they can use the "memory" of how it feels. If groggy in the morning, we can set up the RA frequency running horizontal through the center of mass of the head, and achieve the same effect on the body to come to a full waking conscious state very fast. This is the "Be Here Now" frequency, and pulls in energy from the Field Fabric to accomplish a goal.

The Earth Grid System

This is also a good time to check out documents on the Earth Grid, as this fractal is well within the physical range of our senses at 135 mm.

Earth Grid

Photo of tetrahedron devices


It is suggested at this point of working with some simple vibration tools, one is developing a feel for Mass Vibration, and has an understanding of how distance relates to frequency, as the field fabric is the Source which powers all atoms.

Diamagnetic Elements

There are other elements we can use to experiment with frequencies we can feel from the waking state of the physical body. These are easily remembered as ABCH.


There are also other elements with diamagnetic qualities of lower value such as Chromium found in Stainless Steel, which may be key to why Joe Cells seem to work so well.

The quartz crystal used above, is resonant on a larger dimension, the crystal molecular bond distances, rather then the atoms that make up the crystal. However the crystal can also be vibrated on the atomic levels of silicon and the other elements found in the quartz structure.

One can investigate some of these from the introductory presentation found here:
Introduction To Mass Vibration Science

You may find one that really works for you, if the crystal work is not working well yet.


The term Field Fabric, comes from the work of Wilbert Smith "The New Science", who had contact with the Boys Topside, an alien race attempting to offer us an alternative to using nuclear energy in a more civilized manner then we had been. We do not need to destroy atoms to harness energy from them, as they both self sustain and self recover, both form and frequency, from the Field Fabric, no matter what we do with them, short of a nuclear explosion. Wilbert relayed from them, the Field Fabric is everywhere inside this universe and one of it's qualities is Awareness. He also went on to develop a mental model of this Field Fabric and its qualities in the flow of time, using the terms Tempic field, and Density. Indicating we can alter the density of the Field Fabric in various ways, that will alter the relative time flow rate experienced in these fields, and this was the knowledge of self powering Flying Saucer Craft.

Wilbert Smith Index

The various modes of energy transfer through the Field Fabric, all use a vibration system that normally will not move any EM meters or scopes
. You can test that out on the energy from your crystal when it is vibrating up strongly. In order to produce electric and magnetic fields with vibration we have to start setting them up in Quadrature arrangements. Quadrature means at 90 degrees to one another.

Caliper Function in Mass Vibration Work
This became the tool of choice for measuring frequencies when out of body or scanning at distance.

Body of Experimental Evidence offered by c_s_s_p group
This was my first scalar coil on a crystal, and it begins to make the connection between vibration frequency, and where it is felt inside the body, the brain and nerve tissues. Some frequencies were given on these very first trials of Wilbert Smiths scalar wound coil systems. This was before we realized the mm = khz equation.

On these early experiments with the scalar coils, was the first time I became aware of the Grey ones.
It happened on the very first trial of the first coil on the crystal shown in Experiment 1.
This is where I learned the 4th density body can intervene, to protect the physical body from harming itself, from advancing too fast, without comprehension of what is being done. This is natures system of preserving the creation. One is truly humbled when a Grey one intervenes, to protect the creation from a mistake in our experiments. As scary as this first meeting was, because of the time differential, I somehow knew, these  beings were a necessary part of the structure of the universe. At that time however, I did not realize it was my own 4th density body.

A note on Sleep Frequencies

In sleep clinics they are using EM test equipment to measure the levels of sleep.
Now recall as we drop the frequency of an EM wave it's wavelength increases.
Also with more space, the vibration frequency increases.
Our consciousness is a function of the vibration field, not the EM side which is entropic.
As we go deeper into sleep states our level of consciousness has access to far higher frequencies of vibration. With practice we can begin to explore these higher states of consciousness while remaining awake and aware. This is called Za Zen.

When a person is intently seeking a solution to a scientific problem, that solution will often come after sleeping on the problem. The difference between that and using psi while awake, is the mastery of Za Zen, 1/2 in the body and 1/2 sliding out. It is a talent that can be learned and has been used in ancient China and Japan for thousands of years.

Appendix 1 Understanding Frequency

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