Frequency Bands of Human Consciousness

Drawings and content by David Lowrance 8 - 5 - 2021

Frequency Bands Chart

During Ascension Humans work their way through the Emotional Overlay of 4th density.
At the top of 4th density we meet the 1st heaven where all emotions are healed before moving into the higher light of 5th. When we decide to incarnate again, we come down the levels of actual creation, and the science of entering the physical once again.

3rd Density => Physical world reality
4th Density => Astral Body - Emotions - Realm of Creation - Science of Manifesting
5th Density => Light Body - Personal Immortal Existence of Conscious Field of the Soul

The Ascension is basically an Emotional process, until we reach the Higher light of our Soul.
This path was offered by the New Agers, and the Eastern Religions, in the 1970's.
We basically leave our logic function behind, and begin to "feel" what we think is real.
Since we also have to ignore the current sciences, we are labeled as strange people.

Provided a person lives long enough, after spending enough time with the mystery's of life, and realizes that with opening to the higher light they can heal the emotions, yet still cannot walk on the water, or heal the sick, or manifest a loaf of bread. They get curious as to how things actually work, with a sense that there must be a structure to the universe, and the process of creation. Maybe in the ages of 50's or 60's?

The logic mind then engages, and soon they discover the path of descending back down to earth, with the higher light to take with them. We then discover "the veil" had never been removed, and all that we believed may have been a deception experience, staged by our own higher self to intensify the emotional polarity experience during the ascension.

What is behind the curtain of the veil between 3rd and 4th density?
All the sciences that create and maintain physical form in the physical reality.

Now being one of these "strange people" who has experienced the complete cycle while still in the physical body, I have taken down the veil and seen into the science of 4th density.
I have met my 5th density body, as well as my 4th density body face to face, opening awareness of both, living in 3 realities simultaneously.

The ResonantFractals site is all about combining the information of spirituality with the quantification of mass vibration science, and understanding how the Field Fabric of the universe operates.

Thank you for reading.
David Lowrance
Free Spirit

Human Frequency Levels

One may find it strange indeed that a person still in the physical body can begin to measure and chart the frequencies of the 4th density, and uncover how the technologies of manifesting from the Field Fabric actually work, however that is the path of a true science.

Repeatable Experiment and Accurate Telepathy.

This science was started when the Boys Topside handed Wilbert Smith the technical means to begin this exploration. The scalar cancelling coil, which can produce vibration frequencies right up and down the full spectrum of our conscious fields at each level. My work is an extension of Wilberts original paper "The New Science"

Interactive Lessons in Vibration Sensing