Interactive Lessons in Vibration Sensing


In these Lesson materials is contained what I have noted as the best devices to assist our learning.

Lesson 1
In the first lesson we start with quartz crystal sensitivity, show how to measure a vibration frequency, and then confirm that frequency using a scalar coil F gen to prove it is the same frequency. From the first lesson then we add the ability to quantify and measure and then calculate the fields we can raise from the field fabric. Then we offer the RA fractal which nearly everyone should be able to feel at 150 khz in the physical body.

Lesson 2 we open to the Emotional ranges and offer the GL frequency 385.56 khz, and this one may take one out of body into the ranges of what we might call ascension. To reach a level of accuracy in telepathy we must heal all personal traumas in this band of frequencies to see clearly out to the next level.

Lesson 3 introduces one to the spherical awareness, and the RM-1 build, with F gen Scalar coil for learning to slide the bands consciously.
Seeing out in all directions from a single center, experiencing the RM-1 will teach one how that feels. Then a little on platonic form geometry and how each of these bring up a different level of consciousness.

Lesson 4 Opens the concept of manifesting from the Field Fabric, and then gives an example of creating a spherical ball and holding it in your palms, while it lights up your head! The calculations are given to draw this energy from the Field Fabric, so you will believe there is power in that access and it is real.

Lesson 5 offers the mediator field, and how to calculate it. This is basically charging the area around a device, so the device will receive energy from the Field Fabric as a convergent flow of vibration. The law of geometric expansion is also given, a basic system to calculate the three field forces to these sort of fields working.

Lesson 6 is about Gravity, and center of gravity nodes, from rocks to the earth.

Lesson 7 then introduces Ratios, and from the pi/2 to the E/P ratio, to the gyromagnetic ratios of Isotopes. How to identify the elements in a sample of about anything. How to set up some self sustaining fields using the various ratios.

Some interesting references related to this group of Lessons at the bottom of the menu.

Two more sections, the Advanced Lessons in scanning, and the last new section Applications, to get one started in practical applications. The first one there is  "Light Activation of a car," showing how we can reduce inertia and shift the gravity center towards the engine releasing from the earth as we add layers to the field.

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Planet Earth    8 - 5 - 2021

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