Lessons in Application of Energy from the Field Fabric

Lesson 1

[Prepared by David Lowrance  8 - 4 - 2021  for the highest good of all involved]

Light Activation of a Car

This application requires one to be proficient with "Caliper Injection," and or scalar coil and F gen use. This is entirely mechanical in nature and no skill in electronics is necessary.

We first do a calculation off the piston stroke length which gets us very close.
Then we tweak slightly to get a "light activation" on the entire skin of the car. When the 1000 points of light come up on the cars body, you found your first field frequency, from there the rest can be calculated accurately.

The field will self sustain on an Aluminum block engine.
The more layers we add to the field the stronger the basic effect to inertia and gravity.
Inertia with respect to the earth drops away, and the center of your gravity system shifts into the engine.

1 - Inertial dampening

2 - Earth Gravity disconnect

We stop feeling acceleration with respect to the earth, and only feel it with respect to the center of the engine, which is zero.

Here is the Original Experiment:    8950

This experiment has been duplicated and confirmed by two others.

8950 Vibration Fracturing

We are going to operate on the "circle of power" with a diameter of the piston stroke length.
This is found in the engine at the lower end of the piston arms where they connect to the crank shaft moving in a circle, which all the power of the engine passes though. This is then a power manipulation.

Fracturing these in both directions reveals a phenomena. Vibration passing opposite directions between inside and outside of the engines circle of power and the field we add to it, has two different effects when we attach this field in various ways.

Diagram of Circles of power

89 / 50 = 1.78     A finite fractal length with an odd number of platonic form segments.

50 / 89 = 0.56179775280898876404494382022472 ...  An infinite small penetration to the very mass of the atoms with an even number of platonic form segments.

Here we have a two way vibration system connecting atomic dimensions of mass vibration to an outer world finite dimension. As platonic vibration is set up on the two circles, it vibrates in and then out repeatedly so both fractures are always present. The two fields link in that the small segment dimension on both circles is identical in each, shown in the diagram above.

50 = grab the mass     89 = place it here and accelerate it's frequency

If the outer circle is outside the mass being operated on, as in the diagram above, it is set into the air around the mass, and the mass looses inertia and weight.  89 / 50 develops a divergent field releasing outward.

If the larger circle is set up inside the mass being operated on, and the smaller circle inside that, the mass of the object will gain inertial resistance and weight. 50 / 89 develops a convergent field pulling inwards.

Now we add to this, the understanding that a platonic form vibration polygon with even number of sides holds it's field density [weight / 50.] A polygon with odd number of sides cancels it's field density [weight / 89] sending it upwards in frequency.

The 50 accesses the weight, and the 89 cancels it. We end up with a canceling of weight at a very deep level of the matter. However a scalar canceling of weight sends the energy upwards in frequency, the energy is not lost.
This conversion to higher frequency is likely the source of the "inner light" we begin to see when hitting this accurately.

By combining these in layers we can create a field bubble that releases from the Earths gravity, while at the same time creating it's own gravity system. We add layers of the field both inside the "circle of power" and outside it.

If these fields are anchored into a diamagnetic element ABCH, they will self sustain. With an Aluminum block engine, we will have to take them down manually.

A vibration sensitive person can feel when we hit this "infinity ratio" accurately. Our calculations then only need get us in the right range of limits where we can locate this effect using a SS caliper or scalar coil system. [mm = khz]

89 / 50 Formula

Layer 2 diameter = Layer 1 diameter *  1.78

89 / 50  M factor Correction

Layer 2 diameter = Layer 1 diameter *  1.77919849

The actual frequency will probably be slightly shorter then our calculation.

Polygon Vibration Fields

Here is a spreadsheet to assist.

Resonant Fractals Spreadsheet Platform

Spreadsheet - Piston Quick Sheet

It is always best if the student create their own spreadsheets, this demonstrates they have reached comprehension of the field techniques. This is actually the only way advancement will be possible, as there must be an evolution of what works better from more experiment.

For these discoveries to be preserved and advanced, they need to be explored in more depth by sensitives also versed in the sciences.

For a first shot you are welcome to see if mine will work on your car of choice.


For using the Koolertron F gen in the car, one can get a 12v lighter to USB jack, if scalar coils is your method of choice for Light Activation of the vehicle. The F-gen uses 5vdc.
mm = khz  
meters = Mhz

F gen photo

Using the highly accurate digital F-gen the exact frequencies can be determined.
Once all the perfect frequencies for your desired field bubble are recorded for your specific car, an electronics person can design a system for instant control of each layer of the field, working through a single scalar coil under the hood at the center line of the engine, best guess.

When or if the student can remember how each one feels, they can then use the astral body to bring up these fields for them. At this point you have graduated 4th density saucer control, as most everyone on 4th density knows this already.

Frequency Injection Methods

Crank Frequency mm = khz Diameter of circle of power at the crank piston joint = Piston Stroke Length, this is your reference that we use to calculate all the fields.

Field 1 Levity Frequency  mm = khz  Diameter of first circle to be added

Inject the frequency at the center of the engine block such that 2 cylinders land on each side of it.
This is the engines point of scalar canceling, the pistons opposing motions.

For Caliper injection we point the caliper at this location and then begin to move it in and out to feel it couple. We then slowly shorten the length of the caliper gap very slowly until the light nodes come up on the entire body of the car. [Tuning Infinity]

Each successive circle is added by calculating from the one under or over it such that between all the diameters applied we have the correct ratio present creating a chain of frequency hops, each one fracturing inwards to infinity.

Generally going inwards to increase the gravity inside the car, we only need one inner circle added that is smaller then the crank circle. Going outwards we will need more layers to drop the effect of the earths gravity on the entire car.

The ratio between all successive diameter frequencies, is  89 / 50 .
Obviously the 300 mm caliper can only hit a couple of these going outwards, so development of the scalar coil system will be a must down the road. In my spreadsheet I shortened them by a factor of pi / 2 at the bottom and they seemed to work. This is entirely experimental!

Location of the scalar coil is also not yet determined, and possibly near the shaft of the main crank or at 90 degrees at the center anywhere around the engine. Remains to be determined. As the function generator may not be in phase exactly with the engine vibrations. Experiment is in order!

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