Lesson 2 EM Considerations

Electronics Technician Level Comprehension  8 - 6 - 2021    [For the highest good of all involved]

Nuclear Level - Physics

There are no shortcuts to comprehension. Once we have it there are no more mysteries or guess work.

Atom Frequency Diagram

The atom is the very model of a free energy device, as it self powers and self recovers without end.

 If one does diligent study of everything mankind already knows of the atom, it becomes "self evident" that free energy must be possible. Most people simply do not have enough information to realize this, as it is not taught in any one field of the sciences. The sciences are specialized to a point of ignorance of one another!

Further if we see an engine running from Vibration energy from a Joe Cell, we know the power does not come from moving the electrons. Mass Vibration and Spin are what cause the mass to move. As well if we got the 8950 working on a car, we know that gravity and inertia are effects of the nuclear mass of the atoms and not the electron shells of the atoms, and we also realize this is what we recognize as Chi force and we can sense it.

Understanding EM is all about the relationship between the Electrons [-] setting outside the strong force field bubble, and the Protons [+] that sit inside the strong force field bubble.

Spin Direction versus Magnetic Field - NMR Technology

One may want to first consider this document for a more clear understanding of T/E field construction.

Spin and the Electric Field

Electric field is an area function. A 2D manifesting force that is spinning.

Electron and Proton Spin in opposite directions in the same polarity Magnetic Field, which is a 3D field force.
Their magnetic fields repel and their electric fields attract. [The High Energy State]

If the nuclear mass flips over we have the second possible stable condition.
Their magnetic fields go into attraction and the spin vectors go into repulsion.[ The Low Energy State]
When the atom flips from High to Low energy state it manifests a photon of energy outwards.

One may already realize that if we run two wires parallel, flow current the same direction in each they will push apart, if we reverse the flow of one wire they will pull together. This seems to match the above two statements.

Both Electron and Proton have the same three field forces, but in different ratio, and spin direction.
Proton has a dominant mass vibration field, Electron has a dominant EM field. These are over 1000 times different from each other.

 For our work we can consider Electrons producers of heat and light, and Protons producers of motion of the mass through inertia and gravity. EM Fields are entropic, but mass vibration can be set up to self sustain from the Field Fabric.


How does this now relate to electrical devices?

When we set up a rotating magnetic field through copper wire, all the atoms in the wire become a coherent field at two levels. Electrical and Mass vibration, and as we just learned the mass vibration having the power of motion and inertia will lag the turn of the Electrons magnetic field tilt. [Study Power Factor and Resonance of EM.]

The mass is over 1000 times heavier, and its magnetic field turns more slowly, where the Electric field can turn at Ghz frequencies even generating microwaves and heat.

As the Nuclear field chases the turn of the Electric field to pull the atom back into it's normal dimensions, it lags. When both fields align at rest they fight and balance, when they are separated they each fly free at about 90 degrees to one another, and as they again come together they cancel out.

This is the mental concept of using very high frequency fast pulsing to separate the two fields more perfectly and attempt to capture the excess energy produced while the atoms again try to stabilize.

The first idea was to capture the voltage spikes, but it turns out, these are pretty gutless and do not really have a lot of power behind them at reasonable voltage levels. Then it was realized to capture the mass vibration, the force that moves things, and then recombine it with the HV spikes. In this method we let the two go out of alignment, capture both sides as they fly free, and then recombine them in the output.

The very best experiment one can perform to monitor and meter how this works is by building a Density Sphere, and winding coils on it at 90 degree angles to one another. There is no better method to fully understand what happens inside the copper atoms then to use a copper sphere with coils.

The EM field will rotate around this sphere in 3 dimensions, as it does in copper atoms, and using 2D scopes we only see a sine wave, which is not a complete understanding of the reality, but it gives the display of what a single coil will see on the sphere of rotation.

One will then reach comprehension, and realize we can use a scalar canceling input coil, and extract from the other two in quadrature, power from the circuit, and all the reflected back EMF will again cancel in the input coil and be used to increase the pressure of the system rather then fight the power line input.

The concept missing, is that when a scalar canceling coil cancels the EM field, energy moves into a vibrating pressure field, and that field has no EM polarity. That is, it can be used to support either positive or negative charge just the same without shorting them out. This is because the construction of the EM fields both have a Tempic field component, and the polarity of the EM rides on top of it. Vibration is the prime field that comes first, and EM rides on top of it. We can boost the EM field by increasing the T field vector at 90 degrees to both. These techniques have been covered in past lessons as we have shown many examples of boosting the mass vibration field.

Law of Geometric Expansion of the Field Forces

Energy traveling inside the strong force area, meets no resistance and propagates at pi/2 x c.
Using mass vibration is the only way to create a self powering field, so why not learn more about how it operates?

Wilbert Smith Index - Quadrature Concept

Density Sphere Diagram

For any electronics people who want to understand the reasons for coils at 90 degrees, this is essential.
The key to manipulating EM energy and understanding how mass vibration can effect it, is all there to be observed. Platonic form vibration is a most powerful thing to use if there is a coupling of correct frequencies, at correct angles.

Normal Input Coil
Using square waves and frequency runs, one can immediately see what comes out of other coils at 90 degrees, and the way frequencies are split. Low frequency stays in alignment with the primary and high frequencies jump into the 90 degree coil. The power is separated into two components.
We then recombine them in reversed phase aiding polarity, and get the full wave back out. The system can pass a square wave, and the spikes are kept inside the system and do not radiate outwards.

Scalar Canceling Coil
The two primary waves split and rotate around the sphere in opposite directions, generating a 2x voltage node at the top and bottom of the sphere. Now if we add specific forms of Spherical platonic vibration fields around the sphere to boost the T field pressure, you can guess what happens.

We are now only adding resonant fractal work from previous lessons, and will quickly exceed our current technology.

90 degree coils and scalar canceling coils have been used in many of the free energy devices, and the seeker of comprehension will not skip over this experiment. The mystery of these coils will be removed, along with many wrong assumptions I have heard over the years as to where the excess power comes from.

E/P Ratio

The Electron / Proton EM ratio is derived in this document, and for the most part I believe I was the first to note it's importance in free energy devices. A fundamental law of atoms. I am not aware of anyone having even calculated it before. It is derived from NMR and ESR existing technology data. Although they seem to be separated branches of science.

Electron Proton Ratio

E Freq / P Freq = 658.20222
In this document is shown how this can be geometrically modified and then used as a turns ratio between coils at 90 degrees. It was found to be a technique used by Floyd Sweet, as well as myself using feel felt tuning of my 100 Watt experiment.

Torsion Field Lock

100 Watt Experiment

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